Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Year 2 Home Learning W/E 11/03/11

This week we have been learning about:

Maths – Maths Makes Sense activities

Geography – Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?

Science – identifying and sorting plants and animals



How to support your child at home:


We have been completing a number of MMS activities this week during lessons.  I am sending home a game for you to play together – Have fun.

As you are aware we are all learning our times tables in class,  ask your child which times tables they have been learning and help to reinforce them at home.  (Children in the class are learning a range of tables including 2x, 3x, 5x 6x 9x 10x and 11x)   It is also important to revisit previously learned times tables so it is a good idea to recap them your child as we also do this in class.  It is also a good idea to mix up the order of the times tables so your child can recall the answer quickly in and out of order.  You could start by asking 1x2=2, 2x2 =4, 3x2 = 6 etc and then ask them out of order 5x2=10, 2x2=4, 7x2=14.



Now the weather is getting warmer it is the perfect opportunity to take a walk in the countryside.  Use the time on your walk to identify different plants and       animals you may see.  Discuss how they know it is a plant e.g. has leaves, flowers etc or an animal e.g. has legs, moves etc.  See how many you can remember when you get home and write them under the different headings.  – you will be surprised how many you can see.



Have a look at the BBC schools website ~ Where in the world is Barnaby Bear? Discuss with your child the places Barnaby has visited. Maybe you or a member of your family has visited the same place.  Use the internet to find out more information about the places Barnaby has visited.  We will be reinforcing this in school for example writing a postcard from Spain or Dublin.  Use an atlas at home and find the different places together.