Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Home Learning Dosbarth Mr. Green

Week beginning 3/12/12

This week's homework:

Literacy – Please learn the following words for next week:

stationary, dictionary, necessary, library, January, February, anniversary, ordinary, secretary and glossary.

Please write out sentences to include the words above and use a thesaurus to look up synonyms of the words. Concentrate on the use of full stops and capitals in these sentences and try to start the sentences with an '-ing' or 'ly' word.

For example: Carefully, I turned the pages of the dictionary to find the right word.

                      Closing the door behind her, the secretary left the building.

As always, continue to listen to and read to your child, asking them questions on what has been read.

Numeracy – Please continue to practice all times tables at home as these are an integral part of your child's learning. This week please focus on the x4, x5 and x6 for a times table test.

Try these: £3.70 x 3, £4.65 x 4, £5.16 x 3, £8.42 x 2, £12.30 x 4 and £15.24 x 3