Friday, 22 May 2015

Year 6 week ending 22.5.15

This week we have been learning to:
Literacy - write a persuasive speech, linking to our topic of Ancient Greece, persuading others why one form of leadership is better than others.
Numeracy - finding the volume of different 3d shapes and learning how to find the plan view, front elevation and side elevation of shapes.
Science - planning our own experiment to investigate the force of magnetic fields.
Discovery - putting the finishing touches to our multiple choice quizzes and testing our knowledge by playing them!
How you can help at home:
Talking homework - after half term we will be writing a piece of poetry, describing a summer object using poetic features such as alliteration, rhythm, personification, metaphor, onomatopoeia, simile etc.
Numeracy - using excel, try adding any data of your own choosing and use simple formulas.  We will also be learning about real life banking.  Try to find out what the terms credit, debit and overdrawn mean.
Welsh - write an event over the half term holiday using the past tense.  Remember to use the terms es I, gwelais I, bwytais I etc.
Science - we will be investigating air resistance.  Try dropping a piece of paper scrunched up and time how long it takes to fall to the ground.  Then drop the same size piece of paper unfolded and time it.  What do you notice?  Record your results.  Remember to repeat them for accuracy.
Safe cycling - we will be beginning our safe cycling on Monday 1st June, with Carolyn Derosaire coming in to do a bike safety check.  Please use the information sent home to check over your bikes.  We will then begin lessons on Tuesday 2nd June, and each following Tuesday.
Finally - have a wonderful half term.  All the children have worked so hard and had a really busy time, we are very proud of them!
Mrs Maunder / Mrs Peacock.

Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 22.5.15

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Instructions.
Numeracy- Multiplication/ Division
How to help your child at home-
Literacy- Please could you find 3 facts about the Artist Andy Worhol?
Numeracy- Complete some missing number sums- 12 divided by----------- =3.  5x-----------=30 etc. can you help your child to learn the 5 and 10x tables.
Knowledge and Understanding- Can you draw a simple map of the places we have visited during our trips around the village? You can even use coordinates and mark the place where the treasure is.
Thank you for your support, have a lovely week.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Year Six week ending: 15th May 2015

This week has been another busy week....

We have been studying discrete data in maths, continuing with our investigation in science, had a talk by the Fire Service and continued to use excel to present data.

At home you may like to look for informative sites to help with the development of quizzes in history and research how we insert hyper links.
In science you should further develop your understanding of magnetic fields to make links in your own experiments.
Welsh: can you add information to your blog about your visit to Viney Hill (past tense) and consider where you would like to go next time using the future tense.
Talking Homework: we will be continuing with our newspaper report describing the recent general election...
Next week is Genre Week...we will looking at instructions. Can you find suitable examples, what would our Success Criteria be for writing a set of instructions?

Don't forget outdoor PE Kit is needed on Thursday and Friday.

Many thanks Mrs P & Mrs M!

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning w.e. 15.5.15

This week we have been

Maths - adding two numbers to make 6 and 7 using number sentences
Big Write - using bossy words to write instructions
K & U - making a prediction and checking

Activities to try at home

Maths - use the number cards sent home last week to make up number sentences which make 6 or 7, you could add your own + and = cards. We had fun using the spots on a domino which you could use if you have a set at home. Count the spots and add them together - do they make 6 or 7 - write down the number sentence to match. Play a game of pairs using number cards ranging from 0 to 7. Each player takes turns to select two cards, if the cards make 6 or 7 then you can keep the cards, if not then return them to the game. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end.

Big Write - we have started talking about instructions and using bossy words. We had a go at writing some simple instructions to make a sandcastle. We used bossy words like get, put, tip, turn, take, make. Discuss other types of instructions, where do you find them, why do we have them? Can you find and bring in some examples of instructions so we can have a look at them in class. We will continue to have a go at writing instructions next week, can you think of any interesting bossy words we could use in our instructions?

K&U - following on from last week we had a go at predicting how many marbles it would take to sink two different sized boats. We had lots of fun guessing the number of marbles and then seeing who had the closest guess. Have a go at home, you could use two different sized yoghurt pots, or plastic tubs which float then use marbles, buttons, 2p coins or anything else which is the same and you don't mind getting wet. Have a guess first then count how many of your chosen item it takes to sink the pot. Who made the best guess? Which pot took the most to sink it? Does it matter how we place the marbles in the pot - e.g if you put all the marbles at one end does it sink faster? Maybe you could make your own chart and record your results.

Please continue to work on number and letter formation at home. Many of the children are still reversing their numbers especially 3, 5, and 9, confusing their letters including b and d and not starting their letters in the correct place. Also keep writing your name, if you have cracked your first name then have a go at your surname. You could make this fun by writing it in different colours each time you have a go. Bring them in to show me.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E15.5.15



This week we have been learning about:


Mathematical Development-

Digital time- o' clock and half past-reading time from an analogue and writing the digital and vice versa.

Counting groups of 10 and multiplying by 10. Using the x sign.  

Knowledge and Understanding-

Welsh- askig 'Ble est ti? (Where did you go?) and responding with 'Es i i'r...' (I went to the...)

Using an atlas to locate places on a map, talking about the equator and how countries with rainforests are situated near the equator.

Map co-ordinates

Literacy- Creating an advertising poster for a holiday to the rainforest.

How to help your child at home-

Mathematical Development-

Continue to read times from clock- analogue and digital clocks, in particular o' clock and half past. Ask them to practise writing down digital times for given times- such as 3 o'clock or half past 5. They found this tricky.

We counted groups of 10 and linked this to multiplying. We then looked at using the x sign to show 6 groups of 10, 6 x 10 etc. Some children went on to 2 digit numbers, so 14 x 10 etc. Try some where there is a missing number, so ? x 10 = 40 etc.

Have a look at you can set the piles to groups of different numbers on this game.

Knowledge and Understanding-

They really enjoyed the work on co-ordinates this week. Next week we will be making maps of the rainforest and using a grid and co-ordinates. Try

Could they make a note of places that they visit over the weekend and next week to help us write a little diary in Welsh next week.

In preparation for our work on instructional writing next week, could you have a look at any recipes or manuals or any material that use instructions- what can they find out about them.


Year Three week ending 15/5/15

This week we have been learning about:

Literacy: We have been writing our own folktale using paragraphs. 
Maths: We have been rounding numbers and making estimations
Science: We have been planning an investigation about friction

You can help at home by:

Literacy: Next week we will be looking at the features of instructions and writing our own. Find instructions and look for the features. e.g. What must you include when writing a set of instructions? Can you create a list of success criteria that we could use next week when we write our own instructions. 

Maths: Have a go at this estimation game-

Science: Watch the video from Bang goes the Theory and then have a go at trying to pull the books apart. Can you explain to a friend or parent why the books won't come apart easily?

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Schartz

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Year 4 w/e 15.5.15

This week we have been-

Literacy- creating and self/ peer assessing our film trailers using IMovie- some excellent trailers made and great team work, da iawn.

Numeracy- using reasoning skills to solve word problems

Topic- painting our cartouches- some beautiful designs created

You can help at home by-

Literacy- next week is genre week looking at instructions. What are the features? Have a go at playing a game and writing the instructions for it. Is it easy to do?

Numeracy- practise your times tables. Have a go at drawing symmetrical patterns, how many different ones can you do?

Topic- research Egyptian houses and towns. How are they the same/ different to ours? Are they built using the same materials? Do they have the same sort of layout/ rooms/ gardens etc as we do? Do they have lots of terraced houses? Or are they more detached?! Make a comparison between Egypt and the Uk.

Don't forget Year groups photos next Weds 20th.
Enjoy your weekend


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Dosbarth Mrs Miles. Home Learning W/E 15.5.15

This week we have been learning about-
Numeracy- Shape and measure. Time.
Literacy- Recounts
How to help your child at home-
Numeracy- Identify 3d shapes at home and in the environment. For eg. A can, (cylinder), Cereal box (cuboid). A sphere (ball).
Can you count the faces? Are they curved or straight? How many points are there?
Time- Relate time to a typical day. What time do you get up? What time does school start? What time do you go to bed? etc.
Literacy- Can you find out why we need instructions? Have you got any instructions at home? For eg How to play a game, make a cake, how to make something etc. What do you notice about the language of instructions? (Perhaps time connectives, verbs). Are there any bullet points or numbers for each instruction?
Knowledge and Understanding- Next week we will be visiting the Virtuous Well. Please could you find 3 facts about the well?
Thank you.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Year 4 w/e 8.5.15

This week we have been-

Literacy- busy with our National Reading Test paper and looking at improving our grammar

Numeracy- completing our National tests and and revising different mathematical concepts

Topic- creating a cartouche out of clay

You can help at home by-

Literacy- look at different adverts or film trailers- what do you like about them? What makes them most effective? What can you add to them to make them
Appealing? We will be creating our own trailers using iMovie next week.

Numeracy- keep practising your timestables as they are vital for nearly all areas of maths- which you have all noticed the past few weeks.

Topic- research the River Nile- where does it start/ end? Where does it pass through? How long is it? Etc. Also have a look at cartouches and see what sorts of colours they use ready to paint yours next week.

Have a good weekend
Miss. Williams

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning Sheet w.e 8.5.15

This week we have been

Maths - looking at regular and irregular shapes
Learning our number bonds to 10

RWInc - learning new sounds, reinforcing previous sounds, writing words and sentences

K&U - discovering what floats and what sinks.

Activities to try at home

Maths - today your child bought home a sheet of numbers to 20. These are for you to keep at home and use to develop number skills including number recognition, matching, ordering, etc.

RWInc - most children have had new sounds or ditties added to their sound folder this week. Please take time to reinforce these at home and also any sounds they are unsure of. During our independent writing activities we encourage the children to use the correct letter formation e.g. Down Maisie, mountain, mountain for m. Choose a few different sounds and see if your child can remember the correct formation. If not then use the sheet to reinforce.

K&U - select a few different items from around the house which you don't mind getting wet. Fill up a small bucket with water, or in the bath at bath time and ask your child to predict whether the item will float or sink. Working with your child ask them to test it out by putting the item in the water - was their prediction correct? Did more items float or sink? Was there an item which surprised you when you tested it e.g. Something light which sunk to the bottom?

Have a lovely weekend.

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Year 6 week ending 8.5.15

This week we have been learning to:

Numeracy - completing procedural and numeracy tests and beginning a data handling project during class maths lessons.
Literacy - completing the reading test and evaluating our modern day fables created using imovie.
Discovery - creating a multiple choice quiz on Ancient Greece.
Welsh - wrote a blog about our trip to Viney Hill.

How you can help at home:

Talking homework - we will be writing a report about the results of the general election.  This is a great opportunity to talk about the events surrounding the election, the outcome (both locally in Monmouth and nationally) and the impact these outcomes will have.

Numeracy - we will be analysing and interpreting graphs.  Use the link below to try reading line graphs. You can also try using excel to enter different types of data.

Science - we will be attempting to balance up thrust and gravity.  The following link will help remind you about different forces with a quiz at the end!

Discovery - we will be finishing our multiple choice quizzes on Ancient Greece, inserting hyperlinks to get to the correct answer and also to find out further information.

Welsh - think about how you could extend your sentences by adding more detail and how you could use this information to discuss your blog with a partner.

Don't forget to bring appropriate p.e. kit on Thursday for football with Andy Beattie.

Have a good weekend
Mrs Maunder and Mrs Peacock.

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 8.5.15

  This week we have been learning about:


Mathematical Development-

3D shapes and their properties- we looked at cubes, cuboids, spheres, pyramids, cylinders, triangular prisms and hexagonal prisms.

Time- o'clock and half past- analogue clock

Knowledge and Understanding-

Continuing to use 'Beth sy'n bod' and responding with 'Mae... tos da fi' (What's the matter? My...hurts) We used the following language- pen-head, bola-tummy, llygaid-eye, trwyn-nose-troed-foot, bys-finger-clust-ear

Henri Rousseau rainforest paintings

Sharing with the class the information they found out about during research into the different layers of the rainforest

Taking photos and printing from an Ipad



a postcard sent from the rainforest

How to help your child at home-

Mathematical Development-

Look at home for examples of spheres, cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones or pyramids. Can they describe some properties of these shapes, encourage them to use 'straight' or 'curved' when describing their edges- we used faces rather than sides. Talk about the 2D shapes you can see within 3D shapes. Could they make a model using play dough or straws or any toy connecting shapes that you may have at home.

Have a look at- or

Continue to read times from clock- analogue and digital clocks-they struggled a bit when I asked them to show half an hour later than a time, for example they could all show 7 o'clock on clock face, but when I asked them to show the time half an hour later, they wanted to say 8 o'clock rather than half past 7.

Knowledge and Understanding-

Next week we will be looking at where the rainforests are on a world map- could they find out what the 'equator' is and some countries that rainforests are found in.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Home learning. Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 8.5.15

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Designing a poster.
Numeracy- Number problems. Time and multiples of 2, 5 and 10.
How to help your child at home-
Knowledge and Understanding- Next week we will be visiting the Church and looking for particular historical features. Can you find out 4 facts about St Nicholas Church?
Also we are entering a competition- To design our ideal house. I don't want the children to complete their design at home, as we will be doing this in school. Just to bullet point some ideas. Don't be afraid to use your imagination!! We have already looked at some amazing pictures. For eg.-  a slide in the bedroom to the kitchen, A bed on an island surrounded by a swimming pool, a fish tank wall etc.
Thank you.

Dosbarth Mr Green

Week ending 8th May 2015

Carry on with the spellings from last week due to the bank holiday.
Big Write - continue with last week's work on an ending to a horror story.

Science: Year fives to learn about magnets and magnetism for next week.

Topic- Extreme Earth: Year fives can begin researching information on the recent earthquakes in Nepal and Papua New Guinea.

Literacy  for Year 5: We are carrying out the oral presentations next week. Your child can gather their equipment, resources, etc for their presentations.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 1.5.15


This week we have been learning about:


Mathematical Development-

Positional language

Problem solving

Knowledge and Understanding-

Beginning to look at the French artist Henri Rousseau- creating our own jungle paintings

Research into the four different layers of the rainforest

Asking 'Beth sy'n bod' and responding with 'Mae... tos da fi' (What's the matter? My...hurts) We used the following language- pen-head, bola-tummy, llygaid-eye, trwyn-nose-troed-foot, bys-finger-clust-ear

How to help your child at home-

Mathematical Development-

We used the following language to describe the position of shapes on a grid, objects around the classroom, coloured squares etc- up, down, above, below, under, next to, behind, left, right, between etc. Try arranging a grid with pictures in and get them to say what picture is under... or above... or between...

You could use some coloured paper cut into squares and arrange them in a square grid and talk about top left hand corners, in between... and use clues to sort them into the correct place, so if you say red is above blue or the colours on the bottom row have 4 letters in their names etc. then they  have to move them to match the clues.

Knowledge and Understanding-

They could draw a diagram to show the 4 layers of the rainforest. What are they called? Next week we will be looking at using co-ordinates on a map.

Try using the welsh phrases at home together.

They were all fantastic in our assembly on Wednesday, I was so proud of them all. They all spoke so well and were like true professionals handling that microphone! Thank you for your support.

Dosbarth Mrs Miles Home Learning W/E 1.5.15

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Letter writing. Story writing.
Numeracy- Extracting information from lists and block graphs.
 Knowledge and Understanding- Using coordinates to identify local landmarks.
How to help your child at home-
Literacy- Please could you encourage your child to read a book at home. (Any book), and then ask them some questions. For eg- Can you find the page that describes the Beast as being caring? Can you think of another word to describe the castle? How do you know that Beauty is kind and caring? Write out 3 sentences from a book and encourage your child to sequence them in order that they have appeared in the book.
Numeracy- Please could you practise time over the weekend- o'clock, 1/2 past, 1/4 past and 1/4 to. Please could help your child to learn corresponding digital times too.
Thank you.
Have a good weekend.