Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning w.e. 15.01.16

This week we have been learning

RWInc - new sounds, spelling green words and reading green words, writing our letters using the correct letter formation.

Maths - counting forwards and backwards to 30.  Guessing the number of objects in a group up to 20.

K&U - sorting shiny and dull material


Activities to do at home


RWInc - continue with the sound folders and the sheets being sent home.  Reinforce any sounds your child is unsure of regularly.  Have a go at writing the sounds on a lined piece of paper to ensure correct letter formation and quick recall of the sounds to help when spelling green words.  If you have any questions relating to RWInc then please come and see me - I am happy to help.


Maths - have a go at counting up to 10 and then back to 0, repeat and this time go to 20 and then back to 0.  The children are confident counting forwards but find it a little bit more challenging when counting backwards.  You can do this anywhere - in the car, at breakfast, in the bath.  See how far your child can count up to and then backwards.  Reinforce any errors they may be saying - it is very common to say forty, fifty instead of fourteen, fifteen when counting.  Have a go at the link below putting the numbers in the correct order.


K&U - talk about different types of material identifying dull and shiny materials.  Have a hunt around the house to see how many different materials you can find.  We have been talking about how shiny materials reflect the light.  If you have a torch then use it to see if the material reflects the light.  Make a list or draw objects which reflect the light and bring into school to share.


Our topic this term is Roald Dahl and we are already been busy making our role play area into a writing shed and a sweet shop.  If you have any resources at home that you are happy to send into school then we would be very grateful to receive them.  If you are sending in resources you would like returned at the end of the topic then please write your child's name somewhere on the resource so we can identify it.  Thank you.

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