Friday, 29 January 2016

Year 6 week ending 29.1.16

This week we have been learning to:


Literacy - this has been the culmination of the hard work, writing playscipts and editing them. 


Science - thank you so much for all the effort that went into making the soundproof boxes, they were quite incredible!  As a class we had a lot of fun (and learnt a lot!) about sound and sound proof materials by testing them.


Numeracy - reading and interpreting scales on different types of measuring instruments and negative numbers.


History - studying inventories from a poor and a rich person from the Tudor times.


How you can help at home:


Numeracy - please log onto your my maths account for numeracy homework.


Talking homework - next week you will be writing a personification poem on the topic of sound.


Science - we will be continuing our investigations into sound and decibels.  Research the decibels of common every day objects such as vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, motor bike, heavy traffic etc.  Also, what is an acceptable / safe level of noise?


History - we have been hearing a lot about the wonderful Tudor projects that are being carried out at home and some have started to come into school.  Please continue with these and we look forward to seeing them.


Presentations - if you haven't already done so, please decide on a topic for your personal presentation and begin to think about how you are going to present it and how you are going to engage your audience.


Mrs Maunder and Mrs Peacock.

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