Thursday, 21 January 2016

Year Six: Week Ending 22nd January 2016

This week we have been busy continuing our work across the curriculum 

Welsh... we have begun to look at the names of countries and revising the past tense in order to discuss our holidays. 
You may like to revise the past tense we used in our recount to Big Pit and look at how we can use these phrases to discuss holidays we have been on. 

Science....please can you bring in a sound proof boxed.  The box needs to be at least 12cm deep to fit the alarm in and must have an opening lid.  The box can be made of cardboard, plastic, a tin - what ever they choose.  We have discussed how foam absorbs sound and hard materials reflect sound.  They can line the inside of the box in whatever they like, remembering our work in school about sound waves travelling the easiest through solids, then liquids, then gases.  They need to bring them in on Monday as we will be doing our science lesson Monday afternoon. There will be a small prize for the most soundproof box! good luck!

History - (continued) as the children will have told you, we are studying the Tudors this term.  For homework, we would like the children to complete a selection of the Tudor projects listed below.  They are designed to be longer projects which will take the children considerably longer to complete.  We would love to see their work once it is finished and display it in the classroom.  The projects are as follows:


1. Write a story, comic strip or annotate a map showing the explorations of Sir Francis Drake or Sir Walter Raleigh.

2. Research what the Tudor people wore (either rich or poor), and then make an item of clothing.

3. Make a model of a Tudor ship or Tudor house.

4. Design and make a Tudor quiz game, with or without the use of ICT.

5. Research and write a menu for a grand banquet for Henry VIII, including the invitation.

6. Design a persuasive advertisement for jobs available on board the Mary Rose ship.

7. Create an iMovie of an interview with either Henry VIII or one of his wives.

Literacy: we have been continuing our work on play scripts and planned our scenes, considering the language needed to gain clear understanding and the importance of clear stage directions. We will be writing our final version on Monday. 

Big Write: this will be based on the topic of zoos, asking the question should animals be kept in zoos? Pupils will need to present an argumentative text. Pupils will have a full outline of the Big Write in their homework log on Friday (22.1.16).

Maths: we have been calculating percentage quantities based on 10%, e.g. 20%, 5%, 15%

Understanding simple fraction, decimal and percentage equivalences, e.g. find 25% of 60cm and know that this is equivalent to ¼ of 60cm. Please see mymaths for this weeks task.

Presentations: After half term children will need to deliver a presentation to the class on a topic of their choice. They may like to start thinking about the topic now and how they wish to present their information ensuring they engage the audience and are able to answer questions on their chosen topic. Pupils may wish to use a variety of resources to support their presentation. Dates of presentations will be given to children prior to the half term break. 

Date for your diary- 

Class Assembly: We would like to invite you to our forthcoming class assembly that will take place on Wednesday 16th March @ 9.30am 

Mrs Maunder & Mrs Peacock

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