Friday, 25 January 2019

Year 6 Home Learning w.e. 25.1.19

This week we have been
Literacy - using feelings, thoughts and emotions in descriptive paragraphs
Numeracy - focusing on 7x tables/drawing pie charts
Science - food groups and healthy eating

Activities to try at home
Literacy - imagine you were given a diary for your birthday - write your first diary entry showing your thoughts and feelings.  Try and make it as descriptive as possible.  

Numeracy - learn your 7 times tables.  Use top marks hit the button, mymaths games or other activities on the internet.  I have set mymaths working with mixed tables.  Next week we are going to revisit 8x tables.  As a class we have been discussing the importance of knowing our tables, being able to recall them quickly and how they are so important in maths (as we discovered when working out our piecharts)  

Science - keep an activity diary this week - how active are you at home throughout the week.  I'm looking forward to see your food diaries next week.  As you complete them create a key to show which food groups the food in your diary belong to - which type of food do you eat the most?

Have a lovely weekend
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