Thursday, 10 October 2019

Year 1 homework blog

Good afternoon,


Thank you for your homework submissions these have really helped the children in their topic work showing the advantages and disadvantages of volcanoes.


In maths we have been looking at the meaning of smaller than  <, greater than > and equals = symbols. For homework it would be great if they  could explore this further. (Examples include 5 < 8 and 10 > 9. The “jaws” always faces the bigger number/object.)


Write down on two bits of card the > and equals symbol and let the children see how many different pairs they can compare. Please make this practical by letting them compare piles of conkers or leaves (I am in full autumn/harvest mode) or maybe even family member ages. The most unusual comparison gets a prize.


On a side note if any of you have mountains of conkers at home thanks to your little darlings (I know I do) then why not make conker abacuses/number strings to help your child with maths (There are a ton of conker math activities you can do). Here is a link to some fun ideas you can do with conkers, my personal fav is the conker painting:


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The year 1 team

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