Friday, 18 October 2019

Year 4 Home Learning- Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips W/E 18.10.19

 In Maths- We have being working on a group task this week with planning a Roman garden/city- they had to fulfil certain criteria of what was needed/allowed in each garden and pay for various items using currency.

We also looked at some one and two step problems, try some at home-

  1. I took away 10 and then halved the number and the answer was 3. Guess my number!
  2. I took away 9, divided by 5 and the answer was 9. Guess my number!
  3. Slightly easier- I took away 8 and I was left with 42, what was my starting number? 

Try some of your own combinations! 

Also, this is a great activity to try- I went through it with the children on Friday.


In Literacy- we looked at the spelling rule for adding ed to verbs, where you just add an d to words that already end in an e, such as skate-skated.  Then how we double the last consonant where it follows a short vowel, such as skip-skipped, chop, chopped etc. Add ed to words that don't have an e at end, so jump-jumped. Also, irregular words that change altogether, such as teach-taught, go-gone. Finally, if they end in a y, then add ied, such as cry-cried. It's a lot to remember, but try a few!!


In science, we wrote up our results from our teeth and plaque acid investigation. We tested egg shells in various liquids to see the effect plaque acid has on our teeth after 24 hours. We began to look at drink labels to see the sugar contents, but will carry on next week. If you have any bottles/cartons/cans etc then if you could send them in, we would love them to use next Thursday.


Can children continue to practise their spellings at home please and work on x3 and x4 times tables, in and out of order. 

Thank you for all your support this week at Parent consultation meetings.  

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips