Friday, 29 November 2019

Year 4 Home Learning- Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips W/E 29.11.19

In Maths- Telling the time on analogue clocks and digital clocks. Converting between 12 and 24 hour times.

In Technology- We evaluated our group aqueducts- did they meet the design brief, what we liked, how close to the original plan were they, what problems did they encounter etc.

In ICT-we used a branching database (paper based) to follow and identify a number of animals and alien names, following the yes/no questions/answers.

In PE, we practised passing and receiving and dribbling with the ball in hockey. 

You can help at home- practise reading times on a variety of clocks, try writing down and matching some times- so for example, if you wrote down in words, half past 10 or twenty to 6, can they write the digital time, so 10.30 and 5.40. Ask them to draw the hands on analogue clocks too. They found 'to' times trickier. Challenge them then to convert to 24 time, (add 12 to the number) so if it was 4.15, add 12 to make 16.15 and vice versa. If it seems too tricky, just stick to 12 hour, we'd rather them be confident with that.

Have a look at- this is good for switching between clock displays.

Look back at last weeks blog for their 'Learn Its' to help improve speed of recall.

Use some pictures of animals, draw some on some small bits of paper is easiest. Start with just two or three. Get them to think of yes/no questions to distinguish between them. Then try drawing out some branches and writing the questions on. They can show you what we did this week then in our branching databases.

Have a look at to get a better idea. (The mini-beasts classification near the bottom of the page.)

Next week will be making at start on our 'Kindness Advent Calendar.' Can they think of some ideas for this, we have talked about it in class, so should be think of a few.  Bring them in Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips