Friday, 15 November 2019

Year 4 week ending 15.11.19

Year 4 week ending 15th November 2019

This week we have been learning to:

Numeracy – reading information from graphs and drawing bar graphs.

Literacy – we have completed our Roman menus and have been studying the features of newspaper reports.

Science and Technology – we have carefully planned our aquaducts, ensuring we included measurements and identifying the materials needed.

Humanities - this week we have had a lively debate, taking on the roles of different Celtic tribes, deciding whether they should fight the Romans or surrender.  The arguments used by all the children were incredible!

Expressive arts –we have researched how and why Roman mosaics were made.

Welsh - we have been learning new vocabulary, with the focus on what they can see and hear outside.

Health and Well Being - As part of anti bullying week we looked at a short animation called "For the birds" where we talked about what bullying is and different types of bullying. We will continue with this next week.

How you can help at home:

Numeracy –  homework has been given out today on reading information from bar graphs.  

Literacy - choose a newspaper report and read it, then write at least 5 things about it such as what happened, where, when, what the picture is, caption etc.

Welsh - practice the following Welsh vocabulary and try creating a picture dictionary using the words.

Beth wyt ti'n gallu gweld?

What can you see?

Dw i'n gallu gweld...

I can see…


gwenyn  bees

blodau flowers

coed  trees

dail leaves

pili pala butterfly

baw mud

adar  birds

papur paper

sbwriel litter / rubbish

pecyn packet

potel bottle

llwybr path

Beth wyt ti'n gallu clywed?

What can you hear?

Dw i'n gallu clywed…

I can hear…


sŵn  a sound

y môr the sea

dŵr water

gwynt wind

broga frog

gwdihŵ owl

adar birds

gwenyn bees

plant  children

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips

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