Thursday, 5 December 2019

Year 1 homework

Good morning,


We have looked at finding the difference in maths this week and it would be great if you continue that at home to cement understanding with the children. One suggestion would be for them to make their own number line in chalk and jump between the two numbers, the number of jumps=the difference (You could also get them to build two towers and compare the difference in number of bricks.) . You find the difference between two numbers by starting from one number and counting to the other (so the difference between 8 and 3 is 5 because you count on or back 5 times to get to that number). If they are confident in finding the difference you can stretch their understanding by adding or taking away a set amount from both numbers and seeing if the difference changes. (8-3=5 and 9-4=5)


Understanding about the difference between numbers and knowing when it does or doesn’t change is a useful skill to master because they can use it to manipulate subtraction sums to make it easier for themselves. IE changing a tricky bridging sum like 13-7 to 16-10 by adding 3 to both numbers.


One final request. We will be using paper mache to explore 3d shapes in the final weeks so if you have any spare unwanted newspaper could you bring it into the class.


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The year 1 team.




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