Friday, 31 January 2020

Year 2 w/e 31.1.20

This week we have been

Using the expanded addition method- this will be useful when children start to add bigger numbers. It would be beneficial to also practice this at home, especially as some children are still not confident with tens and units.
Tens first- 20+10= 30
Units next- 4+3= 7
30+7= 37
Some children have been using hundreds and thousands too so you can use these numbers if they're confident.

Story mapping St Dwynwen- we will continue this next week in Big Write

Developing ways of travelling as if we were an animal/ moving in packs and looking for prey. Developing hockey skills

We have started our art work using Henri Rousseaus art work as inspiration.

Animal adaptations and how they each adapt to survive in their environment

Please continue to read and learn spellings and xtables at home. It is important children know their xtables out of order in particular.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs. Hassall

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