Monday, 13 January 2020

Year 4 Home Learning- Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips W/E 10.1.20

We kicked off our new topic 'Dragons' by working collaboratively with Year 5 and Year 6 to plan what we may like to cover across different areas of learning, for example Chinese New Year in Humanities, dragon dances in expressive arts etc.

We looked at the characteristics of different types of dragons. Perhaps you could start thinking about designing your own dragon. What would it be called? Where would it live etc.


In Maths- Co-ordinates and recognising lines of symmetry in shapes. 3 and 6 times table.

In ICT-we used created a class database of information. Using HwB, we created individual records for all of us, using different fields- such as name, age, gender, height etc. We talked about where databases are used and their effectiveness at storing and retrieving huge amounts of information, e.g doctor records etc. 

In PE, we enjoyed playing 'King of the ring' in hockey, where we practised dribbling and defending our ball from an attacker who was trying to tackle us. Great fun!

Spelling days of the week and months of year.

You can help at home-

In Maths- Perhaps draw a treasure map and use co-ordinates to locate items you might include, such as lakes, volcanoes, bridges, etc. Remember the x and y axis.

Have a look at

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips