Friday, 24 January 2020

Year 4 Home Learning- Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips W/E 24.1.20

 In Maths- fractions of amounts, adding fractions and function machines. They will be bringing home an activity to do over the weekend.

We looked at function machines, where a number is inputted, an operation happens to the number and then it is outputted. For example, 6 goes in and 10 comes out, so the operation was add 4. Obviously you can make the numbers and operation harder or easier to suit your child. We tried two step operations too, so x2 and -5. 

 Have a go at and make some up of your own.  

In ICT-we used created a class database of information. Using HwB, we created individual records for all of us, using different fields- such as name, age, gender, height etc. We talked about where databases are used and their effectiveness at storing and retrieving huge amounts of information, e.g doctor records etc. 

In Humanities we looked again at the main animal classification groups of animals, including mammals, reptiles, birds etc. We talked about what makes a bird a bird and a fish a fish, using the term characteristics. It was lovely to see children bring in books from home to help with this work. Could they find out a bit more about animal kingdom classification, including insects and spiders. Are there animals belonging to each group that share a slightly different characteristic, for example are there any birds that don't lay eggs?

In Welsh we worked on time telling- Faint o'r gloch ydy hi ? un o'r gloch, dau o'r gloch etc. We talked about chwarter wedi and chwarter I for quarter past and quarter to the hour.

Here is a link to some short stories. They can read one and and complete a book review to share their thoughts and opinions of it. Will be great to see them. If they'd like to, they can create a book review template of their own.

Remember to practise your weekly spellings and high frequency words from reading record diaries. Keep working on 3 and 4 times tables too.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips