Friday, 7 February 2020

Year 4 Home Learning- Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips W/E 7.1.20


In Maths- Time telling. Converting between analogue and digital. Some children went on to 24 clock times too.

In ICT-We carried on with our work on digital footprints and began to talk about keeping ourselves safe on the internet. We discussed what information was appropriate to share with others online.

In Humanities we began to look at animal adaption and how animals are suited to the environment they live in. We talked about camels and their large thick feet and long eyelashes for example.

At home you can-

Maths- look and talk about times as much as possible. Some children didn't find it easy this week, so the more practise the better. Ask them to write out digital times for times you say, so for example, ten to 4 being 3.50. Maybe you could draw out some analogue clock times and some corresponding digital times (jumbled up) and ask them to match them. There are lots of games online to look at too.

There is homework set on My Maths too.

Humanities- Choose an animal to find out a bit more about how it is adapted to its environment. Write some facts to share with us all.

Start having a look at pictures of dragon eyes in preparation for designing and creating our own models.

Remember to practise your weekly spellings and high frequency words from reading record diaries. Keep working on 3 and 4 times tables too.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips