Friday, 17 July 2020

Year 6 17.7.20

Well Year 6, here it is your last day as a pupil at Trellech Primary School.

It's been different to how we thought it would be but I just want to say to you all that it has been a honour to be part of your journey.
You are all amazing and it has been a pleasure to teach each and every one of you.

Looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Cotton.

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Reception Home Learning 17.7.20

Reception Class Friday 17th July

To the Parents and children of Reception Class. Please can you look on your Hwb account as Mrs Evans has sent you a note on Just2easy messages.

Well what a few months this has been. Who could have imagined this scenario a year ago? I am sure we have all had different experiences of "Lockdown" and hopefully we can all take some positives from this time. I also realise there are lots of families out there that have had to continue working in very challenging circumstances. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all that you have done.

"Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves   instead of more like everyone else."

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens


Action Poem

I am going to do something a little different today. Every term we have created a class poem relating to a particular season. It is also a chance to develop children's vocabulary. We have then created actions to accompany the poem. In school, we did an Autumn and Winter poem. So perhaps you could create a Summer poem together.

So start with recording your child's thoughts about summer-

Birds, sun, flowers, weather, holidays, trees, butterflies, blossom, bees etc.

Then think about using some words to describe these words. Your child might need support with this. This is an example-

Birds singing in the elegant trees

Glistening sun shining like gold.

Flowers bursting with colour.

Butterflies fluttering in the colourful flowers.

I love the summer.

You only need about 4 sentences and if you repeat it several times over the holidays, your child will remember the poem and will have developed some interesting vocabulary. Don't forget to use some actions for each sentence to help your child remember the words.


Over the holidays just keep some practical maths on the boil- number formation to 20, counting to 50 and beyond, adding and subtraction to 20.

Also using language such as more than, less than, in-between, bigger than, smaller than. Number games are also a good family way of improving number.


Topic/Creative-over the week.

Create a Hungry Caterpillar.

This is just an idea but feel free to do your own thing. Make some circles out of card or paper. Or you could use paper plates. Make sure you make a circle for the caterpillars head, the cocoon and the butterfly. Try to use different shades of green for your caterpillar. On the reverse of the caterpillar, you can draw/paint what the caterpillar eat each day. When you have finished, you can hang it in your bedroom or the garden. Remember to write the days of the week and include the caterpillar's legs.

My email address is- if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles



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Year 4 Friday 17th July

Welcome to our last distant learning blog for the Summer Term! What a strange few months it has been for us all and not at all how we imagined the end of term being. The way you have adapted to working at home though is incredible and we are both so proud of how you have shown so much commitment to complete work in such a positive way. Thank you! Thank you to all the parents too, as we know it can't have been easy!

 We hope you have a good summer break and enjoy some time to relax and unwind before September. Mrs Maunder will see you all in September and I am hoping to pop up and see you all in Year 5 at some point too. 

So today, all we'd like you to do is...
Big Maths online challenges

Spelling test of weekly spellings

Attempt any of the puzzles/games in Literacy assignment

Finish off any Topic activities

I thought this might be useful for you and your families over the summer too...

Look after yourselves and your families and have a great summer break, 

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips x

Year One: Friday 17th July

I can't believe today is our last day of the school year. You have all been amazing and worked so hard despite the strangest circumstances. You have made us and your families very proud with your resilience and determination throughout this time.  

Today is all about enjoying yourself and reflecting on the past 4 months. I want you to think about- 

What has happened? 

Who has it affected? 

How did you feel at the start of this? Middle? Now? 

What did you have to do differently? 

When in lockdown, what did you miss the most about 'normal' life? 

What have you learnt from this? 

What have you enjoyed about being in lockdown? 

What did you think about learning from home? 

Is there anything you want to change or do differently going forward? 

I want you to think about how you can represent some of the feelings and thoughts above. It could be through 

art- drawing pictures about your experiences/ feelings 

art- using colours/colour wheel/ colour splats to represent your feelings and thoughts e.g. red may show you felt scared and unsafe, yellow or blue may show you felt calm etc 

writing- you may decide to write a poem/ a story/ diary entry about your experiences, thoughts and feelings 

meditation/mindfulness/yoga- you may decide to take some time to relax and think about yourself and your body, remaining calm and feeling thankful 

go for a walk- you may decide to go for a walk with your family and chat about what has happened and your thoughts/ feelings 

song/ music- you may want to write a song about the last 4 months or you may even choose a song which represents how you felt/ feel now 

video- you may want to create a video about your experiences and thoughts/ feelings and you may even include family members/ pets/ toys to help you.

Humanities/ Science and Technology 

We're going to finish our learning with an opportunity be once again in the outdoors- where we learn best! This activity encourages you to think about how animals are suited to a particular environment. 

Starter: A good home 

Look at some/ discuss some examples of house descriptions from an estate agent and to decide what sort of person/people would be suited to that property e.g. bungalow if difficulty with walking and stairs/ near the sea if they love water sports etc.  

Main: Estate agents' game 

· Tell the children that they are going to be estate agents. Can they choose one of their favourite animals and find them the perfect home? Ask them to think about what the animal needs and the type of home where the animal would be happy. They may choose to do this for more than 1 animal and create little cards/ profiles for them.  

E.g. Client's name: Billy Barnacle 

Needs: to live on the seashore. Something to hold on to so he doesn't get dragged away from the seashore. Somewhere where there is a lot of plankton to feed on. 

Make an appointment to view: Number 5, Rock Villa, Rock-pool View, Seashore. 

I think they would like this home because: it is a good place to hold on to with rocks and crevices. It is covered by the sea at some times of the day. There is a lot of plankton for Billy to eat there. 

Extension: Make your own Frame- make a picture frame to decorate your animals' home. 


Today is the final day of our Big Maths challenges. If you complete yours, let me know which level you did and how you got on I will let Miss Copeland know ready for September.                                                                                                                                                          

There are available: Clic, Learn Its and Safe- we usually complete CLic and Learn Its in Week One and SAFE during Week 2, so please don't feel you need to do them all today. They are there to check how the children are doing and identify any gaps in learning, so let them try on their own. The Learn Its should be completed in less than 2 minutes as it checks our recall of known number facts. I have also added an editable version to save you printing them off it helps. (In the pupil folder on Just2easy).  If you have any problems accessing them, please let me know and I can email them to you- ( 

Health and Well-Being 

Today I've included something for you and your family to look after each other over the holidays. Don't forget to give yourselves time and take a breath from time to time. 

Enjoy your summer holiday and I can't wait to see you all safely back in September, take care, stay safe  


"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!' Dr Seuss 

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