Saturday, 8 December 2012

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton home learning w/e 7.12.12

This week we have been learning

RWInc - the sounds z, ch and blending to read green words from sound folders.
MMS - naming and recognising 2d shapes.

RWInc - continue to learn the sounds in the yellow sound folders especially th, sh, ch and ck. We talk about these sounds being best friends and when we see them together they make one sound and not separate sounds. All the children have word sheets in their sound folder to help support their blending. Please continue to read these words together at home. If they are confident in reading their words then ask them to write out the words independently - I would love to see any writing so bring your work into school.

MMS - have a look around the house and outside and see if you can find things which are circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. For example the clock in the kitchen is a circle and the door is a rectangle. Which shape can you find the most of and which is the trickiest shape to find?

Thank you for the fantastic costumes for the Christmas concerts next week, we look forward to seeing you.
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Friday, 7 December 2012

Dosbarth Miss Burrows / Mrs Maunder Home Learning W/E 7.12.12

Dosbarth Miss Burrows / Mrs Maunder Home Learning W/E 7.12.12

This week we have been looking at:

Literacy: Spellings, handwriting, letters of persuasion. Rap based on WW2. Children have been using present tense, first person, paragraphs, colons, semi colons, similes, metaphors, rhyming words and wow words.

Numeracy: Converting fractions into decimals.

Topic: Identifying differences between modern and WW2 homes.

Science: Displaying results as tables and graphs.

Possible activities to help reinforce and apply this week's learning:


Write a letter of persuasion, persuading Santa not to go on strike.

Can children with parts for the Christmas play please practise their words at home.

Continue to listen to your child read and read to them too. Ask your child to pick evidence from the text to support their answers when questioning them.

Continue to learn spellings in front of Orange Home Reading Books.

Numeracy : use the web link below to convert fractions into decimals.


 Continue to use below links to practise times tables.

Science: Produce a graph to show the number of heart beats per minute for 5 members of your family.

Topic: Create a Power Point based on WW2. Use below link to help you with your research.

If you would like your child to do additional work at home there are CPG books available to purchase from WH Smith or online. Use this link to take you to the CPG website.

Dosbarth Mrs Miles. Week Ending 7.12.12

This week we have been learning about-

Literacy- persuasive writing.

Numeracy- 10x, 2x tables. Multiplication and division up to 20.

Knowledge and Understanding- Discussing the Christmas story and why we
celebrate Christmas.

How to help your child at home-

Literacy- Ask your child to tell you about the surprise letter they
had from the manager of Tesco's!! How did they respond to his request?
Perhaps at home you could discuss this issue. ( To build a Tesco
Express on our school grounds).

Numeracy- Continue to practise times tables. Complete some inverse of
multiplication sums. For eg. 10x2=20. So 20 divided by 10 =2 and 20
divided 2 = 10

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dosbarth KP/KS week ending: 7.12.12

This Week we have been:
Literacy: discussing what makes a 'good debate' and using those skills to debate whether children during World War II should be evacuated
Maths: completing our tables challenge (x7, x3, x10 and x2)
Science: researching our DNA
You may like to help at home by:
Literacy: identify a topic of interest (such as, should Santa go on Strike? ) and debate the reasons for and against the topic. Encourage your child to use a clear spoken voice and encourage eye contact with the person they are debating with as well as the audience if there is one! Encourage them to giv clear reasons for the argument for and against. Have fun!
Maths: revise tables with your child. Can they answers questions in and out of order rapidly? when they are able to do that, try giving them the answer and asking your child to give the question, once again as quickly as they can. begin with 2's, 5's and 10's before progressing to 3's, 6's, 4's 7's and 9's.
Science: find out what DNA is, why do we have DNA? produce a simple factsheet to explain simply to your peers the definition of DNA.
Your child should have a blue home learning book. This contains some words to learn at home. They are words specific to your childs spelling needs following a recent assessment. Words will be added each week, they will not be tested in school but are for your child to remember spelling patterns at home for use in their writing. They may like to complete simple actiivites similar to those in their spelling journals to help them remember the spelling pattern. We will continue to work on Spelling during RWInc and HFW (red words) at 1pm in class.
Many thanks for the wonderful costumes and we are looking forward to performing our Christmas Play to you in the coming week.  

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Home Learning Dosbarth Mr. Green

Week beginning 3/12/12

This week's homework:

Literacy – Please learn the following words for next week:

stationary, dictionary, necessary, library, January, February, anniversary, ordinary, secretary and glossary.

Please write out sentences to include the words above and use a thesaurus to look up synonyms of the words. Concentrate on the use of full stops and capitals in these sentences and try to start the sentences with an '-ing' or 'ly' word.

For example: Carefully, I turned the pages of the dictionary to find the right word.

                      Closing the door behind her, the secretary left the building.

As always, continue to listen to and read to your child, asking them questions on what has been read.

Numeracy – Please continue to practice all times tables at home as these are an integral part of your child's learning. This week please focus on the x4, x5 and x6 for a times table test.

Try these: £3.70 x 3, £4.65 x 4, £5.16 x 3, £8.42 x 2, £12.30 x 4 and £15.24 x 3