Monday, 30 September 2013

Dosbarth Mr Green
Home learning blog week commencing 30th September 2013

Dear parents please take a look in your child's new 'Homework Log'. You will be able to see their spellings for the week. Your child will receive five house points if they return the log by the following Friday with sentences that include the spellings.
Could your child also practise the x2 and x3 tables for a test next Monday. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dosbarth KP/RM week ending 27 September 2013

This week we have been researching how different instruments are affected by pitch and next week will be carrying out a small experiment on pitch.  

In maths, we have been estimating and drawing angles, aiming to use protractors correctly and in particular calculating missing angles in a triangle using angle facts that we already know (that there are 180 degrees in a triangle and on a straight line).

Next week we will be writing a poem about autumn, focusing on writing using alliteration.

Our purple homework logs will be coming home on Monday (30.913) with spellings in the front and times tables in the back.  We will then be partner testing each other the following Monday (7.10.13).  If you could please help your child to learn their spellings/tables it would be much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing those of you who can make the harvest assembly next week.

Mrs Maunder / Mrs Peacock.

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Dos. KS/JW week ending 27.9.13

Our Big Write next week is a poem about transport. Your child will have come home with a sheet giving you more details.
On Monday, all children will be given a new homework log. In here you will find their weekly spellings and maths 'Learn Its'. Could you remind your child to bring it to school every Monday, for their new spellings, and every Friday for details of the following week's 'Big Write'.
Our topic in science this term is sound and light. Could your child choose a musical instrument and research how it makes a sound. The research can be written or stuck into the new homework log.
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Schartz and Miss Williams

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Home Learning. Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 27.9.13

This week we have been learning about-
Numeracy- Different ways of making 10p. Telling the time.
Literacy- Poetry about the forest.
Knowledge and Understanding- Recognising the importance of exercise.
Numeracy- Able to identify 0'clock and half past times during the day. Counting in 5's around the clock. Find different ways of making 25p.
Literacy- Begin to write their own address. Think of some ideas that we could include in a letter to the Troll who lives under.
Knowledge and Understanding- Make a diary of your daily exercise. Plan a healthy lunchbox. What is your favourite protein?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dosbarth Miss Foster Home Learning w/e 27.9.13

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 27.9.13

This week we have been learning about:



Comparing the length of objects using vocabulary such as short, shortest, longest, longer than etc.

Using non-standard unit to measure objects

2D shapes-names and properties


Big Write- invitations

Knowledge and Understanding-

Looking at our senses- we focused on our sight this week- looking at detail in objects and playing games using our sight

Celebrating Harvest- why we celebrate it and what we are thankful for

Welsh-types of houses and where we live

Observational drawings of fruit

Games- throwing and catching

How to help your child at home:

Maths- I introduced the word 'estimate' this week as a 'sensible guess.' We estimated and measured lots of objects using non-standard units such as our feet, hand spans, cubes etc. Practise estimating and measuring some things at home, perhaps you could draw them and bring them in to show me.

Describe some properties of 2D shapes, we looked at circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon. We used the term 'edges' to describe 'sides' and corners. We also used 'straight' and 'curved' for the edges.

Knowledge and Understanding     

Talk about your senses and what we use each one for. What things can you see/hear/smell etc in different parts of your house/garden?

A lot of children don't have a pair of wellies in school at the moment, if possible could you send in a pair so that they can explore outside, particularly now as we approach winter.

Don't forget our trip on Monday, children will need a packed lunch.   

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending: 20th September 2013

This week we have been learning:
Maths: to add amounts of money using column addition
History: to know why the Romans invaded Britain
Welsh: to assess our knowledge of the placemats to help describe ourselves using the Welsh language
at home your child may like to....
...add amounts of money such as £25.41 and 36.75 using column addition. They should round the numbers to have an idea what the answer should be roughly. therefore adding £25 and £36 and knowing that the answer should be around £61. To challenge themselves they could add 3 amounts.
....research the Roman invasion and begin to suggest why the Romans were triumphant over the Celts. Focus on the appearance of the soldiers and the weapons used.
.... use the Welsh language from the placemat to describe yourself and other members of your family.
Talking Homework...this week we will writing a narrative text focussing on a setting. Think about an historical setting and the wow words you could use to describe it.
Your child will be bringing words to read as part of our Harvest Festival this week please help them to read clearly.
Don't forget swimming is each Monday and outdoor games on a Thursday, please don't forget to bring the appropriate kit for each session. If your child is completing Sports Skills as part of Trellech University they will also need outdoor kit on a Wednesday afternoon.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Dosbarth Mrs Schartz and Miss Williams

Our topic in History this term is The Romans. We have started to look at and discuss the main countries under the Roman Empire as well as some of the main events throughout this period. As discussed in class with your child, please could you supervise them with their research on the different types of Roman clothing and armoury. We will then discuss this and look at it further in future lessons. The children are welcome to present this research in whichever way they like- note form, powerpoint, pictures etc. 

In Big Write on Monday, the children will be retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Please could you talk to your child about the story, who is in the story, where it takes place and what happens. Also encourage them to think about the organisation of the story - a beginning, middle and end, good descriptions and interesting vocabulary and what sentence openers/ starters they could use.

For Maths, please continue to practice the 2 and 10 times tables with your child to ensure that their times table recall is continually improving.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Schartz and Miss. Williams

Home Learning Dosbarth Miss Foster w/e 20.9.13

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 20.9.13

This week we have been learning about:



Recognition of numbers to 20

Taking away using a number line/number square

Comparing the length of objects using vocabulary such as short, shortest, longest, longer than etc.


Big Write- creating a 'Wanted' poster to describe the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood

Knowledge and Understanding-

Looking at our sense of touch, describing how things feel and describing an object to a partner from our feely box

The story of Jesus feeding the 5000

Welsh-types of houses and where we live

Reflecting on a time when we have shared something with others and how this makes us feel

How to help your child at home:

Maths- Find some scarves, or skipping ropes or twigs or anything you can order in size of length, use words such as shortest, longest to order them. Next week we will be estimating and measuring objects using non-standard units, such as hands, feet or multi-link cubes. Try estimating the length of furniture or rooms using feet or hands.

We will also be looking at 2d shapes next week, so perhaps identify some objects around the house that are circles, squares etc.

Knowledge and Understanding     

Talk about your senses and what we use each one for. Try feeling something such as a spoon, stone, sponge, pine cone etc and use words to describe it.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Home Learning Dosbarth Miss Foster w/e 13.9.13

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 13.9.13

This week we have been learning about:



Counting on and back from different numbers

Adding two numbers by counting on and using a number line

Comparing two numbers by saying which is smaller/bigger (in value)


Big Write- using adjectives to describe pizza toppings.

Knowledge and Understanding-

Beginning to look at the human body, including names of body parts and where we find them on our body. We also talked about how we are all different in some way, yet have many similar features.

Animals that you would find in a forest/woodlands.

Creating a tally chart and a pictogram to show our hair and eye colour.

How to help your child at home:

Maths-You could perhaps write out some sequences of numbers with some numbers missing, can they put the missing numbers in? Try 5, 6, ?, ?, 9, 10 or 20,19, 18, ?, 16, ?. Some children could do with some help with recognising numbers 11 to 20, so you could play bingo or similar games to develop this.

Try some simple adding, we only used 1 digit numbers this week, some children can add on mentally, some will still need to use concrete objects at this stage.

There are some lovely games at

Knowledge and Understanding     

We have discussed being a good friend this week and I have already seen some really kind acts of friendship from the children.

Look at any books or begin to talk about our 5 senses. We will be starting to look at these next week.


Friday, 13 September 2013

Dosbarth Mrs Schartz/ Miss Williams W/E 13/9/13

This week we have been very busy with reading groups starting and an exciting trip to Hilston Park.
In maths we have been focusing on rapid recall of  times tables and 'funny counting' which helps to subtract numbers with tricky columns. (Or, as we were taught, borrowing from the tens column.) At home we would like the children to focus on achieving rapid recall of times tables and number bonds this year. The children will be given their maths targets next week which will be a times table or a set of number bonds which they need to learn. You can help your child practise these in a variety of ways: chanting the table forwards and backwards, with a family member say alternate facts within a table, write the table out and read it forwards and backwards, get a tables poster and fix it where it will be looked at regularly, track the table on a times table square (these can be found on the internet or I am happy to give one to you) or play times table games on the internet. (
If your child's targets are rapid recall of number facts you can practise them in a variety of ways: with a family member challenge each other to answer the facts, switch the fact e.g. 3+7=10 7+3=10, say the fact family for a given fact e.g. 3+7=10 7+3=10 10-7=3 10-3=7 , display the facts where they will be looked at regularly or use websites (, ,
Could all children bring in their yellow/ orange reading diaries into school everyday. Each reading group has a set day to read but if, as often happens in schools, we have visitors or are on a trip and a group misses their reading, we will try to catch up on another day. At the moment we are changing their books once a week on their reading day. (Group 1 - Monday, Group 2 - Tuesday, Group 3 - Wednesday, Group 4 -Thursday, Group 5 - Friday). However if they are desperate for another book we will of course change it on another day although if you could try and stick to their reading day we would be very grateful. (Changing 32 books on one day does mean we get no lunch!) Don't forget to use the library as it has a range of suitable fiction for a variety of abilities.
In Big Write on Monday the children will be writing thank you letters to Hilston Park. Could you talk to your child about how to set out a formal letter, the type of language that might be used and the content of their letter.
Our topic this term in science is sound and light. We have started by discussing what we already know about sound and have moved onto to discuss natural and unnatural sound sources and how sound is produced.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
Mrs Schartz and Miss Williams
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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending: 13th September 2013

We have had a very busy week in class this week, with our new reading groups getting underway.  Please could we ask that children bring their orange/yellow reading diaries into school so that we can keep you up to date on how they are progressing with their reading.
In Science we have begun our topic of Sound and Light, and in particular this week we have been learning about the ear and how sound travels through it.
We have been continuing our rapid recall of multiplication tables, still focusing on the 8 times table and any help you can give your child with learning these would be greatly appreciated.
Next week during "Big Write", the children will be writing a story based upon an image of hands in a room.  We will be looking for the different ways the children can describe noises that they hear in different types of rooms.
Thank you for ensuring that all the children had the necessary swimming kit in school this week to start our lessons.  Some children may find it useful to bring goggles if they don't already, and please could all girls bring a hairband to tie their hair back.
Many thanks, Mrs Peacock and Mrs Maunder.

Home Learning W/E 13.9.13. Dosbarth Mrs Miles

This week we have been learning about-
Numeracy- Counting in 2's. Two times tables. Counting in 2's stating from 3.
Partitioning numbers.
Literacy- Empathising with how Hansel and Gretel felt in the forest.
Knowledge and Understanding- Use directional language to find our way around different parts of the school.
Beginning to understand that we need to eat a varied diet to keep us healthy.
How to help your child at home.
Numeracy- Practise 2 times tables. Beginning to understand that numbers have different values. For eg 10- 1 represents 10 and 0 represents 0 units. 23- 2 represents 20 and 3 represents 3 units. etc. Repeat with numbers- 68, 24, 65, 12 and 56.
Literacy- Reading the Hansel and Gretel story. Find some interesting  verbs to describe how some of the animals might move in the forest. For eg- the foxes pouncing, the beetles scuttling etc.
Knowledge and Understanding- Make a list of foods that contain protein. Why do we need to eat protein?  Draw a picture of your favourite meal. Help your child to know which is their left and right hand.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending: 6th September 2013

Welcome back to the new school year, we have settled well into class and produced some fantastic work in our first week.
This week we have begun working during our Big Maths Sessions on the rapid recall of our times tables and focussing primarily on the 8 times table.
During these sessions we have also ordered numbers with 3 decimal places and found the matching jigsaw number to find totals to 1000
Talking Homework: Over the weekend please could you begin to discuss with your child some ideas to aid them with their 'Big Write'. Big Write will now take place each Monday and will be discussed each Friday to help them prepare.
This week we will be writing a poem about an image through a window. We will looking for power adjectives to describe the image they are presented with.
Please could you bring some 2p coins to school on Monday to help us with our Maths Investigation
During this term our P.E. Sessions will take place on a Monday (Swimming) and a Thursday (Games). Please ensure the appropriate kit is in school for each of these sessions. Games will take place outside and therefore trainers/ daps are needed and as the weather becomes cooler tracksuit trousers and a sweater may be advisable.
Many thanks in advance for your support