Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dosbarth Mrs Schartz/ Miss Williams week ending 25/10/13

This week we have been learning about:
Literacy - How to write a recount.
Maths - Using known facts to work out harder subtractions and additions eg if 5+3 = 8 then 35 + 3 will = 38. We have also bridged the multiple of 10. So if 7+ 4 = 11 then 27 + 4  will equal 31.
We also looked at recognising right angles and converting cms into mms and mms into cms.
You can help at home by encouraging your child to write a recount of an event in the half term. Ask them to measure small objects around the house in cms and convert it into mms. Continue to practise the learn its and times tables at the back of their homework logs.
Talking Homework: After half term our Big Write  will be to write a descriptive passage about a storm. Talk about the adjectives, powerful verbs and adverbs that they might want to use. What senses will they use to describe the storm? How did the storm make them feel?
Most of all, enjoy your half term break!
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Home Learning Dosbarth Miss Foster w/e 25.10.13

This week we have been learning about:



Counting up and back in twos to 20

Odd and even numbers

Adding 10 to 1 and 2 digit numbers, e.g. 5 + 10 or 17 + 10

Adding with a missing number in the sum, so 5 + ? = 12


Big Write- describing night animals- using interesting language to describe how they move and behave

Recount writing- using time connectives

Knowledge and Understanding-

Making a map of the journey we travel on from home to school

Matching natural objects, such as leaves/twigs, to a colour shade chart

Beginning to look at the Hindu festival of Diwali

How to help your child at home:


Practise counting up in twos, write some sequences out with missing numbers, can they fill in the gaps? You could start with something like… 2, 4, 6, __, __, 12, 14 or 20, 18, __, 14, 12, __. They will find counting back much more difficult at this stage.

Look at odd and even numbers, we said that an even number is a number that can be shared equally, so 6  objects can be split into two equal groups of 3 objects in each group. This can be done practically.

We looked at adding up to 20, with a missing number as part of the sum, the children found this quite a challenge, so have a go at a few of these,  4 + ? = 9, ? + 3 = 8, 6 + ? = 11. We counted on from the number we had in the sum up to the answer to find the missing number.

After half term we will be learning to tell the time to o'clock and half past times. Have a look at where the hands are on the clock for o'clock. Have a look at digital clocks too.

Knowledge and Understanding

After half term we will be looking at comparing a woodland forest with a rainforest; the types of animals you would find there and the plants and trees. Perhaps you could find out a little bit about rainforests.  


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dosbarth Mrs Maunder/MrsPeacock week ending 25.10.13

This week we have been learning about:

Numeracy - factors, number sequences/patterns and making general statements about multiplying and dividing odd and even numbers.

Literacy - we have been writing recounts of a day in a gladiators life.  At home you may like to write a recount of a momentous day in your life or a member of your family.

Welsh - describing people using the third person.  At home you may like to describe (orally) a member of your family or a famous person using the third person.

Talking homework - after half term our first big write will be about bonfire night.  Make some notes in your purple books about how you can describe bonfire night using all of your    five senses.  Try to think not just about the bonfire and fireworks, but also the atmosphere/sounds/smells etc.

Please continue to learn your assembly words ready for after half term, the class have been working very hard practising acting and singing. Your child will have come home with a costume letter and we would be very grateful if costumes could be in as soon as possible in order for us to carry out the all important dress rehearsal! 

The Snow Queen - for those that have come home with scripts, please could you also begin leaning your lines as rehearsals will begin after half term.

Thank you in advance and have a lovely half term.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Dosbarth Mrs. Schartz/ Miss. Williams

Year 3-
This week'g Big Write is to write a recount of what happened in Friday's Literacy lesson. Discuss the events and think about the feelings you will need to include. How did Miss. Phillips and Miss. Williams feel? What time connectives will you use? (at first, next, afterwards, finally etc) Don't forget to include a short introduction (one or two sentences) and a conclusion. Make sure you are using the past tense and first/ third person.
Year 4-
This week's Big Write for Year 4 is to write up the fact file on the Roman Army which they planned last week. They will need to think about how to set it out, which facts they want to use and whether to use and introduction and conclusion.
This will also be found in their homework log books.
For Maths, please continue to learn your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
In History this week we have started to look at life in Roman times, looking briefly at their hobbies and activities, their food, houses, clothing, family and schooling. Please can you begin to make a list comparing Roman life to our life today, for example in Roman times only the rich children were home schooled but today, all children go to school.
Have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning w/e 18.10.13

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 18.10.13

This week we have been learning about:



Place Value Tens and Units

Doubling numbers up to 10

Starting to look at counting in twos


Recount writing- using time connectives

Knowledge and Understanding-

Investigating what happens to our bodies during exercise, discussing the importance of exercise to stay fit and healthy

Writing out our addresses and looking at the local area and who lives where

Beginning to look at the Hindu festival of Diwali

How to help your child at home:


We looked at tens and units in two digit numbers, we partitioned the number and said how many tens and units each number has, so for example 17 is made up of 1 ten and 7 units. We went on to look at the value of the digits, so taking 17, knowing the 1 is actually the ten and hiding behind the 7 is a 0. Some children found this quite a difficult concept. Others went on to numbers to 50. Try writing out a few numbers and looking at the tens and units. Perhaps- 20+5=25 or 19=10+9.

Recap doubles of numbers 1-10. Some children will need visual/practical stimulus.


Next week we will be writing a recount of the weekend, so perhaps you could keep a brief diary of what you do on the weekend to help remember.

 Knowledge and Understanding    

We talked about our pulse rates/breathing and how this changes during exercise. Talk about what they found out.

Use Google Maps to have a look at the area you live. Can you spot any local landmarks/buildings?

Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 18.10.13

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Recount writing.
Numeracy- Subtraction.
Knowledge and Understanding- The importance of an address. The different types of houses we live in. How can we make  the road outside safer. Monitoring the different types of transport that pass the school.
How to help your child at school
Literacy- Write a recount of something you did on the weekend. Try to use some of our words of the week.
Numeracy- Giving change from a £1.00. Subtraction sums using a number square. For eg. 23-13=    59-31=   100-36= etc. Try to encourage your child to count back in tens rather than individual nos.
Knowledge and Understanding- Try to encourage your child to recognise and write their own address. What sort of road do you ive in? Is it a main road or a quiet road? Where do you think the traffic that pass are going?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dosbarth KP/ RM Week Ending: 18.10.13

This week we have been learning about:
Literacy: Writing a biography and Autobiography
Maths: Continuing to recall rapidly our number facts using addition and multiplication. We are all improving our scores and times.
History: Roman Gladiators
At home you may like to.....
Literacy: Write a biography about a person of your choice.....this may be a sports personality, pop star, historical figure or a famous Welsh Person.
Next week we are looking at recounts.....look at a range of recounts including those in newspapers. We will be writing a recount by the end of the week about a Roman event. Begin to consider the key features of a successful recount.
Don't forget to practise your spellings in your homework book.
Talking Homework: A spooky Poem.....consider objects, feelings and sounds you may experience....make a collection of useful vocabulary to include in your poem.
Science: Please could you begin to bring in some egg boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard, tissue paper and cereal boxes in preparation for a science investigation.
History: We will be designing and creating our own Roman Mosaics next week. Try to research and look at a range of examples. This will help when working in your group.
Your child will bring home some words to learn for our class assembly, please encourage them to spend time rehearsing before and over half term.
Thank you for your continued support

Monday, 14 October 2013

Dosbarth Mr Green
Home learning blog week commencing 14th October 2013
Dear parents please take a look in your child's new 'Homework Log'. You will be able to see their spellings for the week. Your child will receive five house points if they return the log by the following Friday with sentences that include the spellings.
Could your child also practise the x2, x3, x4 and x5 tables for a test next Monday. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Dos KS/ JW. Week ending 11.10.13

Continue practising your spellings and learn it's which can be found in your homework log. They will be tested on Monday and new spellings put in your books at the same time.
This week's Big Write is to create an information text or fact file on the Roman Army. Gather together any information you have on the Roman Army and bring it into school. Discuss how to set out a fact file ( introduction, paragraphs, subheadings, conclusion) and whether or not you want to include pictures or diagrams. In school, we will be discussing how to put information from different sources into one fact file.
Next week we will be starting a project about bulbs run by Museum Wales. The children will be planting their own bulbs and then measuring rainfall and temperature over the next few months. In the Spring, they will measure their bulbs as they grow. All this information will be put into a national database where we can compare our results with others from around Wales. If you have time, talk with your child about how to look after bulbs. What care will they need? What will they need to grow? We will be planting our bulbs in pots. What difference might this make compare with bulbs planted directly into the soil?
Have a great weekend!

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Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning W/e 11.10.13

This week we have been very busy, here are some of the activities.

RWInc - learning new sounds and blending sounds together to read words.

K&U - looking at the changes at Autumn time.

Maths - recognising numbers are all around us.

Activities you may like to do at home together.

RWInc - continue to learn your sounds in your sound folder, 5 minutes everyday really helps. Write the sounds onto pieces of paper and then cut each sound out. Use the sounds to build green words and then Fred talk the sounds to read the words. If you have time then you could have a go at forming the letters too.

K&U - this weekend go on an Autumn walk and have a look at how things around us are changing. If you are able then you could collect a few things for our investigation table, maybe a few conkers.

Maths - when you are out and about this weekend see if you can see numbers. Can you recognise any of the numbers? Have a go at reading the numbers in single numerals. Discuss the different places you can see them and why they are used, e.g. on houses to help the postman deliver the letters to the correct person.

As the weather seems to be changing could you please ensure your child has a warm waterproof coat to wear outside during the day - thank you.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 11.10.13

This week we have been learning about:



Adding groups of coins

Selecting coins to make an amount

Giving change from 10p and 20p

Knowledge and Understanding-

Looking at a map of the school and identifying different rooms/spaces from it

Asking about our likes and dislikes of food in Welsh

Finding out about nocturnal animals and how they use their different senses

Creating a pictogram about our favourite crisp flavours

How to help your child at home:


Practise adding up a selection of coins, most children used a combination of 1p, 2p and 5p and others went on to use 10p and 20p. Ask your child to find ways of making 5p or 8p- some can go above 10p.

Play a shop game where you buy something that costs 6p or 8p and you pay with a 10p coin, so how much change will you need etc. Some children found this tricky to do mentally.

Use There are lots of games to play online here, the game called Change Exchanger is good one.

Knowledge and Understanding     

We looked at a map of the school this week and the children loved exploring around the school and trying to identify where things were on their map. Perhaps you could make a bird's eye view map of your house- either one floor or both upstairs and downstairs. Bring them in for us to look at.

When you are out and about over the weekend, perhaps you could talk about things like traffic lights or zebra crossings and how these help keep us safe.

Make a list or draw some pictures of nocturnal animals- what does nocturnal mean?

Dosbarth Miss Foster Home Learning w/e 11.10.13

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 11.10.13

This week we have been learning about-
Numeracy- Number bonds. Identifying different amounts of money. Giving change from 50p and £1.00.
Literacy- Identifying language and text features of recounts. 
Knowledge and Understanding- Assessment of different food groups and healthy eating
How to help your child at home-
Numeracy-  Pretend play with money. Adding together different amounts of money. Matching money to different numbers.
Literacy- Write about your weekend using time connectives. For eg. Firstly........ Then......... Several minutes later.......... After a while....... etc
Knowledge and Understanding- Next week we will be looking at making our school safe.
There has been a lot of birthdays this term, so thank you for all the yummy cakes, very indulgent. So much for healthy eating!!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Home Learning Dosbarth Mr. Green
Week beginning   7/10/13
This week's spellings will be found in your child's homework book.
The sound words your child needs to work on are found in their homework log. They will be tested next Friday along with 'chosen high frequency words that will be given in school. Please write these words in sentences.
Numeracy – Please practice the x4 tables for a test next week.
Five house points will be awarded on completion of work

Friday, 4 October 2013

Dosbarth KP/KS WeekEnding 4th October 2013

Talking Homework:  To identify vocabulary used in a persuasive text. You may wish to consider how this vocabulary could be used to persuade an individual to join the Roman Army
Maths: to rapidly recall x9 table
Jigsaw Numbers: create a random 3 digit number (e.g. 425), work out which number would be the matching jigsaw      piece to total 1000.
History: We have begun to create Wanted Posters for Boudicca. Try and research at home how she may have looked and describe her personality. Complete your own at home, using clear vocabulary to describe this.
Welsh: Describe Harry Morgan using the Placemat to help you to include the necessary detail.
Well done to you all for performing so well during our Harvest Festival you spoke clearly and sang beautifully, you should be very proud of yourselves.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 4.10.13

This week we have been learning about-
Numeracy- Quarter past and quarter to times. Counting in 5's.
Literacy- Identifying oi and oy sounds in words. Practise tricky words in their reading diaries.
Knowledge and Understanding-Sorting foods into their appropriate groups.
How to help your child at home-
Numeracy- Help your child to tell the time. When the minute hand is on the 3, its past the 12. So quarter past...... When the minute hand is on the 9, its quarter to. This can be quite a challenging concept. Talk about what they do at certain times of the day. For eg- I get up at 7, I start school at 9, I have my tea at 5 etc.
Literacy- Next week we will be writing to The Wild Place, thanking them for an exciting day. Think about the things they saw and did. Can they use some interesting words to describe what they did.
Make a list of oi and oy words. Can you learn to spell them too.
Knowledge and Understanding- Discuss with your child how we sometimes have to take medication to make us better. Why might you have to take some medicine? We will be discussing the dangers of eating something that we might find, even if it looks like smarties. We would always need to find an adult and tell them. 

Dosbarth Miss Foster Home Learning w/e 4.10.13

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 4.10.13

This week we have been learning about:



Properties of 2D shapes

Recognising coins and adding combinations of coins

Knowledge and Understanding-

Looking at our senses- we focused on our smell sense- we had fun guessing the smell of various food items (garlic, vinegar, strawberry, coffee, lemon, Bovril) We also discussed smells we like/dislike and how our sense of smell can warn us of danger

Why we celebrate Harvest and other things we are thankful for

Creating 'fruit monster' pictures, using various fruit to make up facial features

How to help your child at home:

Maths- Describe some properties of 2D shapes, we looked at circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon. We used the term 'edges' to describe 'sides' and corners. We also used 'straight' and 'curved' for the edges.

Use some coins at home to practise recognising them by talking about their size and colour. Try adding some simple totals. Most children just used pennies and 2 pence coins, others went on to combinations of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p.   Perhaps they can draw around some coins and write the value of them on.

Have a look at: (If the link says the game has been deleted or removed; on the yellow menu on left hand side, scroll down to money games and the game I liked is the first game.)

Knowledge and Understanding     

Next week we will start looking at our local area, including becoming more familiar with the school layout and grounds, including map work. We will be starting to discuss the roads/traffic outside school, including ways we can improve safety. As part of this work, we will be looking at where we all live and using maps of the area. Could you possibly help your child write out your home address, discussing the relevance of each line, if they can then bring these into school to share.

We had a great day on Monday on our trip to the Wild Place Project, the children were all brilliantly behaved and hopefully enjoyed the day. I was also really proud of them all on Wednesday at our Harvest Service.