Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dos Ks/JW week ending 21.2.14

This week we have been learning:

Maths - measuring in m, cm and mm
Adding 3 or 4 digit numbers
Literacy - we discussed how to prepare a presentation to the class

How you can help at home:
Using a tape measure, measure the height of each member of your family in metres and centimetres. Write down their height and then convert it into centimetres. Eg 1m 15cm = 115cm
Then order your family from shortest to tallest.
Then measure your families feet in cm and mm. Have a go at estimating first. Are both their feet the same size? Can you convert the size of each foot into mm. Eg 18cm 4 mm = 184mm

Once you have measured the heights of your family, add their heights (in cms) together. Use which ever strategy you feel most confident with. Repeat this with foot measurements ( in mm).

If you haven't done the measuring you can practice your written addition separately. Ask an adult to give you some sums to complete or you can generate numbers by rolling a dice three times.

Literacy- start thinking about what topic you would like to present to the class. Your presentation will need to be no longer than 5 minutes, to engage your audience and to be presented clearly. Think about whether or not you will need to use any visual resources and what information you will include. Once you have planned your presentation and gathered together all your visual resources and research , practise presenting to your family. Try not to rely too much on your notes, use eye contact with the audience and speak clearly and slowly. Once you have finished I will give the audience the opportunity to ask questions. The presentations will take place during the week of March 17th.

Keep reading and practising your learn its and times tables.
Have a wonderful, relaxing half term.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning w.e. 21.2.14

This week we have been

Literacy - writing a simple report about Earth using Headings, sub-headings and finding an interesting fact.
Maths - finding 1 or 2 more than a number below 20
Eisteddfod - preparing for our Eisteddfod, writing poems, painting and learning our song

Activities to try at home.

Literacy - choose a planet from our solar system and using a simple heading and sub -headings write a simple report. Try and include some pictures and an interesting fact. Bring your reports into school after half term to show in class. Also continue to use your sound folders and recap the sounds and green words during half term.

Maths - write the numbers 1 to 10 onto a piece of paper and cut up. Mix up the numbers and then select a number. Ask your child to find 1 more than the number. Repeat until confident and then introduce numbers to 20. Can they find 2 more than a number?
Continue to learn the number formation sent home in sound folders. Some of the children are reversing numbers especially numbers 2 and 3. Use the rhymes to help learn how to form the numbers correctly. We will be learning the final 3 numbers after half term.

Thank you to all the children who entered the Eisteddfod bunting homework. They look fantastic displayed in the hall.

We are celebrating World book day on Friday 7th March and our theme in the Foundation Phase is Space so please dress up as astronauts, aliens, stars or anything related to space on this day.

Have a great half term and thank you for your support, especially with reading this term.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Home Learning Dosbarth Mr. Green
Week beginning   17/2/14
This week's spellings will be found in your child's homework book.
The sound words your child needs to work on are found in their homework log. They will be on Monday 3rd March along with chosen high frequency words that will be given in school. Please write these words in sentences.
In readiness for the 'Big Write' lesson on Friday 7th March your child can think about information to include on a website home page. The website can be about anything they are interested in. It can include a title, pictures, lists, hyperlinks to relevant information. We will be looking at creating these later in the term.
As from the week beginning 17th March your child will carry out an oral presentation on the topic they have been researching.

Numeracy – Please practice the x6, x7 and x8 tables for a test on Monday (3rd March). 
Five house points will be awarded on completion of work.

Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 21.2.14

This week we have been learning about-

Literacy- Writing poems about Wales, handwriting competition, a welsh recital and report writing. Well done for  practising your recitals at home, using expression and changing the tone of your voice. The standard was very high and extremely hard to choose just one winner.

Numeracy- Fractions, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's starting from different numbers. For eg. 13, 15, 17 etc. Halving and doubling numbers.

Knowledge and understanding- Continue to design and make lunar modules with a moving part.

How to help your child at home-

Literacy-Our theme for World Book Day for Foundation Phase is SPACE. World Book Day is 7.3.14 and the children can come in dressed as a character from space. For eg. Alien, astronaut, space creatures etc.

Numeracy- Folding paper to make 1/2's and 1/4's. Can you make 1/8's. How many 1/8's in a whole? We have been relating these activities to pizza sharing. Can you cut a pizza into 1/3's. How many pizza slices? If you put 4 slices of tomato on each slice, how many slices altogether? Can you show your workings out? Quick fire activities eg. double these numbers 7, 9,10, 12. Half these numbers 6, 12, 16, 18.

Well done for all the Eistedfodd entries.
Enjoy the half term week and hopefully we will see a glimmer of sunshine!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending: 21st February 2014

This week we have been busy preparing for our Eisteddfod in addition to our curriculum learning.


Literacy: We have been writing non-chronological reports about an event at the Winter Olympics

Maths: We have been comparing fractions

Welsh: we have been reading in preparation for our recital as well as understanding the meaning of the vocabulary

Over the half term you may like to.....


·         To enter a competition being run by Monmouthshire County Council...

(Please find full details below...)


Do you have what it takes to run the council?

We're launching a competition to find the region's most promising young politicians by offering them a temporary role…as chief executive. The contest, the first of its kind in Britain, will give youngsters with an interest in local politics the "once-in-a-childhood" opportunity to run one of Wales' largest authorities for a day. They will experience "progressive democracy in action" by working alongside councillors, cabinet members and officers at our current HQ in Usk. The eight winners will also oversee proceedings in both a full council and committee meeting, and participate directly in certain decision-making processes. Their working day will conclude with a full tour of the County Hall followed by a special winners' dinner with select members of the cabinet. The 'Run MCC For a Day' competition is being spearheaded by Chief Executive Paul Matthews as part of the council's drive to engage with – and respond to – its future electorate. He hopes the contest – which looks set to become an annual event – will also boost election turnouts by tackling "nationwide voter apathy" on a local level. Speaking yesterday, Mr Matthews said: "This is a fun-filled, once-in-a-childhood opportunity for young people to see progressive democracy in action."We are committed to bridging a recognised perception gap by showing how and why local government is relevant to our young people. We hope that 'Run MCC for a Day' is one positive step towards doing so."The inaugural competition is open to children aged between seven and 18 who live within the administrative boundaries of Monmouthshire County Council. Eight winners, selected by a panel of judges, will spend a day – between 9am and 3.30pm – in the chief executive's shoes at the council's offices in Usk on 10 April. They will also receive exclusive prizes from Engage to Change (E2C), the popular online hub for young people operated by Monmouthshire Youth Service. Similar contests, such as those taking place during National Takeover Day, the annual event led by the Children's Commissioner for England, do exist. But unlike existing initiatives, which generally involve shadowing council members, Run MCC for a Day is the first annual contest to offer youngsters the chance to experience day-to-day council duties in a chief executive role. If successful, other authorities across the UK are expected to follow suit. Council Leader Peter Fox said the winners will glean an "insider's view" into the mechanics of local government and leadership, and a flavour of what it takes to run a public body of this size. "The Run MCC for a Day competition is a fantastic way for young people with an interest in their local community to learn more about the practical workings of democracy and the challenges its elected ambassadors face," he said. Mr Matthews, who will support the winners in a "personal assistant capacity", added: "It's our hope that as many young people as possible will enter. Who knows, the next First Minister of Welsh Government could be in our midst."The Run MCC For a day competition opens on Monday, January 20. To enter, answer the following question in a maximum of 100 words: "If I was in charge of MCC I would…" and send it to, with the email subject heading "Run MCC For a Day" by the closing date of Friday, February 28.Visits will take place on Thursday, April 10.


·         Literacy- begin to consider and prepare a presentation on a topic of your choice. Consider the resources and oracy skills needed to maintain the interest of the audience. Presentations will take place during the week commencing 17th March.

·         Talking Homework- Our next Big Write will take place on our World Book Day. Begin to think about a narrative piece of writing that may have animals in it. Consider which type of animals...creepy, scary.... which habitat? What would the vegetation be like?

·         Science: we will begin to develop our habitat topic and focus on plants during this ½ term. Try to research this area to support our learning, you may like to present this as a 'rehearsal' for your forthcoming presentation.

Our Rugby sessions will continue on Tuesdays after ½ term, please ensure appropriate kit is in school for this.  Indoor kit is needed every Friday.

Don't forget we are visiting Caldicot Castle on Monday 3rd March...please ensure appropriate waterproof clothing and a packed lunch.

Have an enjoyable half term

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dosbarth KS/ JW w/e 14.2.14

This week in Literacy we have been practising our Welsh poem for the Eistedfodd as well as writing our own poems and completing our handwriting task. 

In Maths this week we have been look at adding 3 digit numbers by partitioning and using the expanded method. Please continue to practise the learn its in the back of your homework log book as these are important for the Big Maths and Clic tests on a Monday. 

We have also made a start on our Art entries of a Welsh Landscape. Tied in with our Art, we also had lots of fun (albeit the mess) making our Valentine's Day heart decorations.

Please continue reading with your children and practising their spellings and times tables at home- all help at home is invaluable to the children and their progress. 

 As we are looking at Caerleon in particular in Geography,  any extra research such as the population or landmarks etc of the place would be a good idea. You might also like to research your local village or town. 

There will be no Big Write next Friday as it is an INSET day. 

Enjoy the weekend

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending: 14th February (updated!)

During literacy next week we will be writing non-chronological reports, based on events taking place at the Winter Olympics. Please research an event to form part of your report.
You can find information about the features of a non-chronological report and a game to play at
Enjoy your research!

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 14.2.14


This week we have been learning about:



Ordering and comparing numbers to 100

Adding pairs of numbers to 7,8,9 and 10

Missing numbers in sums (add and take away)


Writing a report about a nocturnal animal

Knowledge and Understanding-

Explaining how a shadow is made

Nocturnal animals

Welsh folk dancing/Welsh poetry for Eisteddfod

How to help your child at home-


Choose 3 or 4 different 2 digit numbers, ask your child to order them from smallest to largest. Discuss how they know this.

Choose a 2 digit number and ask your child to say what multiple of ten comes either side of it, for example, 56- 50 and 60. Ask them if it is nearer one than the other. How many is it away from 50? How many more to get to 60? Some children may find this quite tricky to do mentally and will need visual prompts.

Use objects at home to practise adding to 7, 8, 9 or 10.

For example, show them 8 pegs, spoons or coins etc, then get them to close their eyes and cover up 3 of them with a tea-towel/cloth so they can only see 5 of them and ask them to work out how many are hidden? Repeat this with different combinations/starting number of objects.

Knowledge and Understanding-

Have a look at  

1. Go to

2. Click on the purple 'Login' button in top right hand corner.

3. Click on 'my school.'

4. From the drop down menu, find Monmouthshire and then Trellech

5. Then the username and password are both 'year1.'

From the 'Themes' menu, click on 'Literacy' and then 'Information Texts' and then 'Information about nocturnal animals.'  

We looked at features of a report this week (a title, sub-headings, pictures, facts, technical words…) and wrote a report about a nocturnal animal. Could you try one on the computer? Or have a go at writing a little report about something of your choice, maybe an animal? We used sub-headings such as appearance, habitat and diet.

*Keep an eye out for a permission letter coming home next week ready for our bread making workshop from Warburtons after half term.*

Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 14.2.14

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Report writing.
Numeracy- Money problems. Matching numbers to money. Counting money. Addition, bridging a 10 number. Writing numbers above 100.
Knowledge and Understanding- An investigation to determine the force of gravity on different objects falling.
How to help your child at home.
Literacy- When listening to your child read, please could you encourage them to observe the punctuation and read with expression. When your child becomes more confident, they will read without finger pointing. This will then enable your child to develop fluency by reading ahead. If possible, ask your child some questions about the text so that you can ensure they are not just reading but comprehending the text as well.
Numeracy- Money problems. Buying at least 3 items up to a £1.00 and finding the correct money. Giving change from  £1.00. (This can be quite challenging). Writing numbers above 100.
Knowledge and Understanding- Finding out how sound travels. Is there sound in space?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning w.e. 14.2.14

This week we have been learning

Maths - the number bonds which make 10
RWInc - writing simple sentences using green words
Welsh - creating a simple chart showing favourite colours in welsh

Activities at home

Using 10 objects work together to show the number bonds of 10. For example a group of 2 objects and a group of 8 objects make 10 objects altogether. Have a go at writing the sum 2 + 8 = 10, show your child that this can also be written as 8 + 2 = 10. Once your child is confident with using the objects hide some of the objects and ask them to tell you how many are hidden. Ask the question how do you know? Encourage them to answer I know because I can see 7 objects and you started with 10 objects and I know you need 3 more to make 10 altogether, 7 + 3 = 10. Repeat until they are confident with numbers which make 10.

We have been encouraging the children to use their Fred fingers when trying to spell green words. Some of the children are finding this tricky especially when there are 4 or more sounds or the word has two letters but one sound such as shop, thin, chips. Have a go at spelling some longer green words at home, say the word then ask your child to spell it out on their Fred fingers. Once they can spell it on their Fred fingers then ask them to write the word. Encourage them to use the correct letter formation found on the handwriting sheets sent home. You could also have a go at putting the words into a sentence.

Have a look around your home and together label objects and items using colours in welsh. The children are very good at this and really enjoy using the welsh colour names in class. Remember in welsh the colour comes after the name so instead of blue car you would say car glas. Don't worry too much about naming the objects in welsh just using the welsh colours.
Here is a list to help
Gwyrdd - green, glas - blue, coch - red, melyn - yellow, oren - orange, porffor - purple, pinc - pink, du - black

Just a reminder about the Eisteddfod bunting you can complete at home ready for our Eisteddfod next week, please see the newsletter for more details.

We have starting to use a computer programme called Purplemash in school to complete some activities on the computer and works like the 2simple programme we use. If you would like to have a look at home then go to the Purplemash website, log onto school login, select Monmouthshire and then Trellech Primary School. The passwords are then reception in both box. Take a look together at some of the activities, I will be putting some links to these activities in the coming weeks in the Home Learning blog.
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Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending: 14th February 2014

This week we have been learning to...


Maths: Dividing 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers, using a range of methods and discussing which methods we preferred.


English: Writing our Poems in preparation for our forthcoming Eisteddfod.


Art: Using paint our chosen landmarks to produce a piece of art for our Eisteddfod entries.


Geography: we looked at annual weather records for Caerleon and suggested how that affected the area. Recent articles from local papers were able to confirm our predictions.


You may like to help at home by:


Eisteddfod: rehearse our recital piece Mynd i'r Dre.


Mynd i'r Dre

Mynd i'r sycras yn y dre

Gweld y clown, hip hip hwre!

Mynd i'r ffair sy yn y dre,

Taflu peli hyd y lle.

Mynd i'r caffi yn y dre

Pryun hufen ia de

Mynd i'r parc sy'n y dre

Cicio pel i'r chwith, i'r dde

Mynd i'r pwll syn y dre

Nofio'n chwim o le i le

Wel, dyna hwyl sy yn y dre!

Mair Elwyn


Complete the homework task, Welsh Bunting using any form....the more imaginative the better!


Instrumental entries need to bring instruments on appropriate day next week t work with Mrs Schartz....all performers if successful in their category must be willing to perform during our Eisteddfod.


Maths:  To use real life questions relating to profit and loss

Use real life stories referring to profit. If buying a product at a cost and sell at increased amount how much profit will there be..

e.g. Packs of cards

Buy: £1.50 a pack

Sell: £2.25 a pack

Sita buys 4 packs. Then she sells them all.

How much profit does she make?


Geography: We will be looking at spatial patterns within Caerleon and mapping geographical features within the locality....


Rugby: Our second session will take place on Tuesday afternoon with Mr Davies. Please ensure pupils have appropriate clothing and footwear. As you have seen they can get rather dirty! We had a very successful and enjoyable 1st session, although a little muddy. Thankyou for your understanding.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Home Learning Dosbarth Mr. Green
Week beginning   10/2/14
This week's spellings will be found in your child's homework book.
The sound words your child needs to work on are found in their homework log. They will be tested next Monday along with chosen high frequency words that will be given in school. Please write these words in sentences.
In readiness for the 'Big Write' lesson on Friday 14th February your child can think about information to include in a poster to advertise Monmouthshire to potential tourists. Include sights to see, the countryside, picnic sites, etc.  This will help them write a persuasive piece..
Numeracy – Please practice the x4, x8 and x12 tables for a test next Monday (17th Feb).
Your child will carry out an oral presentation later this Spring Term therefore they can start to gather information on a topic they are interested in to do this.
Five house points will be awarded on completion of work.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dos KS/JW week ending 7.2.14

This week we have been learning about:
Maths - Fractions, adding 2 digit numbers.
Discovery - classification of animals.

You can help at home by:
Maths - we have been looking at fractions of a whole and fractions of a quantity. We have introduced halves, quarters and thirds and looked at finding fractions of one and two digit numbers. You can help your child by putting this into real life situations. For example, if you go to the shops and there is a half price sale, ask your child what half of £24 is. If you have to split 40 sweets between 4 children, ask them what is a quarter of 40. There is also a great game on purple mash called Fracwall. It is a little like Tetris but each brick has a fraction on and they have to make a whole.

Discovery - We have started classifying vertebrates into the five main groups. Ask your child to choose one of the groups and make a poster including facts and examples of animals in that group. Remind them that posters have to be eye-catching and colourful. They often include pictures. Bring the posters into school so that they can be displayed and housepoints can be given!

Continue to practise spellings and listen to your child read as often as possible. We would like children to read for at least 20 minutes a day. This can include comics, magazines , reading in bed and any other reading they do on their own.  When you do listen to your child read, try to ask  questions about the story such as what do you think the character is feeling at this time, what do you think will happen next and why do you think the character is acting in that way.

Enjoy the weekend.
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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 6.2.14


This week we have been learning about:



Creating a pictogram to display collected information

Adding 3 numbers by spotting bonds to 10 or doubles in the sum

Adding coins and swapping several coins for one coin

Knowledge and Understanding-

Silhouette pictures

Creating alien profiles


Welsh folk dancing

How to help your child at home-


We tried adding 3 numbers mentally by identifying the two numbers that made 10 or 20 first and then counted on the 3rd number in the sum, so 4 + 6 +7 or 15+5+9 etc. Also, we looked to see if there was a 'double' number that we could add quickly, perhaps 4+4+1 or 5+8+5? They did really well with this.

We added up collections of coins, tapping the value of the coins as we did really helped some children. (Tap the 5p five times to count on.)

Try this with some coins at home, then if you had say 10p made from coppers, ask your child what 'one coin' it could be swapped for. Try this with different amounts.

2p + 2p + 1p= swap for a 5p. You could draw the coins and bring in next week to show me.

Knowledge and Understanding-

We will be looking at the job/life of an astronaut next week, could you find out what they do? Could you find out about a famous astronaut?

Have a look at 

You may have read in the Newsletter about 'Purple Mash', a software package that we are starting to use in school and that can be accessed at home. There are some really nice, colourful, safe, user-friendly activities that you can access, and print off, save etc. Here are the details to access it.

1. Go to

2. Click on the purple 'Login' button in top right hand corner.

3. Click on 'my school.'

4. From the drop down menu, find Monmouthshire and then Trellech

5. Then the username and password are both 'year1.'

A good place to start is to click on 'Themes' at the top. Here there are lots of options to choose from, 'aliens' is a nice one to look at, with lots of things to look at.

Have a play around with at home and I'll try and find something for the children to do on there each week.


Dosbarth mrs Miles W/E 7.2.14

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy-Using correct punctuation. Identifying antonyms.
Numeracy- Counting in 10's, 2's and 5's. Solving money problems.
Knowledge and Understanding- Chinese New Year. Researching different roles for Lunar modules.
How to help your child next week-
Literacy- Next week we will be looking at different types of reports. What are the different types of reports? What language do you find in reports? We will be doing a report on an imaginary Alien. Can you describe it? Where does it live? What does it do? What does it eat? Do you have an interesting fact about your Alien?
Numeracy- Counting in 2's 5's and 10's starting at different numbers. For eg 5/7/9/11 etc. Count backwards too. Count in 5's around the clock.
Can you identify all the different coins, If you have a £1.00, how much change if you buy items for  25p.     35p.   46p .     26p  etc.
Can you find 4 coins only to match these amounts- 20p 21p 23p 25p 27p 29p 30p.
Knowledge and Understanding- The children had a fantastic day yesterday consolidating our knowledge on Chinese New Year. Yin brought in some exquisite resources for the children to look at. We cooked colourful prawn crackers, (what an amazing irreversible change, from raw to cooked). We made fire crackers, money envelopes, hanging decorations and made booklets about the year they were born.
Please can you ensure that your child always has a football kit on a Tuesday. We will be doing Football next term as well. Also if your child can have a PE bag left in school for Dance and Gymnastics on a Thursday. If your child does Prostars, they need a PE kit for the next day. Thank you.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dosbarth KP/RM Week Ending 7th February 2014

This week we have been:
Geography: identifying population change in Caerleon and suggesting why population may have grown at certain times. We recorded the data using a line graph.
Literacy: Writing persuasive texts, using appropriate language and features.....we were quite good!
Mathematics: Multiplication.....using  2 digits numbers to multiply using partitioning and brackets to help

We can use brackets to make the recording easier to follow. Record: 4.7 × 7

          = (4 × 7) + (0.7 × 7)

          = 28 + 4.9

          = 32.9


we then developed this to ...Multiply by near multiples of ten by multiplying by the nearest multiple of ten and adjusting.....


 46 × 19.......We can find 20 lots of 46,.... we have found 20 lots of 46 but only need 19 lots of 46, so we have to subtract 1 lot of 46.

Record: 46 × 19 = (46 × 20) – 46 = 920 – 46 = 874


and then to use the grid method to multiply three-digit numbers by two-digit numbers.


345x 26=
























Year 6 have also visited Monmouth Comprehensive to participate in a RE Transition Day. We had an enjoyable time  gaining a great deal from the day.


At home you may like to.....


Geography: Look at weather patterns for the local area and consider how it has an impact on the area


Science: Discuss how living things adapt to their habitat. How does their body shape, movements etc... aid their adaptation to the habitat they find themselves. This will


be  useful in preparation for an investigation we will be planning next week.


Literacy: We will be planning and writing our Welsh Poems in preparation for our Eisteddfod....please bring your chosen pieces to share on Monday.


On Monday we will begin our Recital pieces, please help your child with this at home too..(It should come home with them on Monday in their Purple


Homework Books!)


Art: find an image of a  famous Welsh Landmark, if possible bring it into to school to help with the production of our art entries


Talking Homework: using the image used for your art consider how you can use it for a story setting. Think about the characters that will be at the setting and the event


that will take place.


Homework entries: Welsh using any form, a piece of bunting that can be added to the whole school bunting...Please refer to newsletter for sizes


and specific detail!


Many thanks for your continued support, please don't forget we are closed to pupils on Friday 7th February for INSET.



Monday, 3 February 2014

Home Learning Dosbarth Mr. Green
Week beginning   3/2/14
This week's spellings will be found in your child's homework book.
The sound words your child needs to work on are found in their homework log. They will be tested next Monday along with chosen high frequency words that will be given in school. Please write these words in sentences. Could you please spend time ensuring the correct punctuation is also used with your child.

Numeracy – Please practice the x3, x6 and x12 tables for a test next week.
Your child will carry out an oral presentation later this Spring Term therefore they can start to gather information on a topic they are interested in to do this.
Please can you listen to your child read at least once a week. Although we listen to them weekly your support in this is invaluable for their progress. 
Five house points will be awarded on completion of work.