Saturday, 11 July 2015

Year 4 w/e 10.7.15

This week we have been-

Literacy- creating our own leaflet for a gadget of our choice

Numeracy- looking at maths through holidays! Looking at temperatures and working to a budget- to be continued next week.
Topic- creating our own story map in ye style of Barti ddu

You can help at home by-

Literacy- have a look for different features of a leaflet and see if they have any extra features that we haven't noticed. See if they have any catchy slogans or alliteration. Does it make you want to go there/ buy it? Take note of these to add into your own.

Numeracy- look at the weather at different places, can you mark the temperature on a thermometer and compare the difference? Keep practising your times tables

Topic- start to think of some actions for Barti ddu ready to start to film our own version

Have a lovely weekend
Miss. Williams

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Year 6 week ending 10th July.

This week we have been learning to:
Numeracy - our maths has been based on Wimbledon this week, calculating the area and perimeter of the court and drawing it to scale and going shopping in the Wimbledon shop by creating spreadsheets.

Literacy - we leave learnt how to structure and carry out a debate on whether sports people should be role models. We had some interesting arguments put forward!

Discovery - we have been learning why the ancient Greeks used comedy and tragedy masks and created our own.

How you can help at home:

Leavers assembly - please customise your own white or red tshirt with your name prominently displayed on the front ready for our leavers assembly and bring in as soon as possible.

Safe cycling - we will be having our tests on Tuesday but if you would like to bring your bike in on Monday and leave it in school ready for Tuesday, we will be trying to fit in some last minute practise!

Permission slips - please bring in any more permission slips for the sleepover on Thursday.

World War Two games - it would be lovely if all children who created World War Two games last term could bring them back into school by Tuesday as I would like to set aside some time for the children to explain them to each other and play them.

Songs - keep practising the words for "Count on me".

Spellings - our last spelling test will be on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Maunder / Mrs Peacock.

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Dosbarth Mrs Miles W/E 10.7.15

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Using dictionaries to define words. Looking at different glossaries.
Numeracy- Money problems.
Knowledge and Understanding- Indian culture. Comparing India to Wales.
How to help your child at home-
Literacy- Can you find these words in the dictionary-  abandon, attract, abseil and abrasive. Can you now put these words in alphabetical order?
Numeracy- Can you work out the price of each lunch?
 Lunch 1-   Water 30p  sandwich  34p  apple 25p and crisps  36p. How much is the total?
Lunch 2-  Juice 32p  sausage roll 41p  chocolate bar 23p. How much is the total?
Which lunch box costs the most?
Please could you practise their Graduation words. I have told the children that they can wear a party outfit to their Graduation. Just whatever they feel comfortable in. Please could you bring in ASAP in a labelled bag.
Thank you. Enjoy the weekend.

Week ending 10th July

This week we have been learning about:

Maths: Ordering Fractions, knowing that fractions are parts of a whole, beginning to recognise equivalent fractions
Literacy: planning a TV report on everyday Egyptian life
ICT: creating Powerpoints

You can help at home:

Maths: BBC - KS2 Bitesize Maths - Fractions basic : Play - this is a great game to help you practise those fractions!
LIteracy: Next week we will be recording our TV reports on the iPads. Can you find any facts to add to those you have already included on your plan? Think about how you will present it and what resources/ props you will need.
ICT: we have been learning how to create powerpoints. Have a go at home creating your own on Ancient Egypt. 
have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Schartz

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dosbarth 1 Miss Foster Home Learning W/E 10.7.15



This week we have been learning about:


Mathematical Development-

Using repeated addition to aid multiplication

Division- how many groups can you make?

Using known facts of adding single digit numbers to help add with two digit numbers

Knowledge and Understanding-

The Jewish festival of Shavuot and the ten commandments

Sorting animals and mini-beasts into groups using our own criteria- e.g. lives on land/water, nocturnal, 2 legs, no legs, has fur etc. We then used a Venn diagram/Carroll diagram to sort them.

Asking 'Beth wyt ti'n hoffi wneud?' (What do you like doing?) Dwi'n hoffi… (I like…) We then used various verbs such as canu, dansio, peintio, chwarae pel-droed, darllen etc to respond. (Singing, dancing, painting,  playing football, reading)

Literacy- Using the computer to type up a recount about our trip to Barry Island

Using the IPad app 'comic life' to create stories and use interesting sentence openers

A 'summer/holidays' acrostic poem

How to help your child at home-

Mathematical Development-

Try some examples such as 2+2+2=6 and 3x2=6. Some children will need practical resources to visualise. Use 2, 5 and 10. Use the vocabulary 3 lots of 2 and 3 groups of 2.

Then try division- so if you had 10 sweets, toys etc. how many groups of 2 can you make? 10/2=5 or with 20-how many groups of 10 can you make- 20/10=2.

We looked at if we know  for example 6+3, then we know 16+3 or 36+3, add the 'units' or 'ones' then add back the tens. Get them to put a circle around the 'units' in the sums so they can see the links.  Try 4+2, 7+2, 5+2 etc.

It's been a busy few weeks with forest school visits, move up day, trip to Barry etc but a great end to the year for the children and I know they have all enjoyed it. I'll be collecting in their reading diaries and reading books next week so we can audit our books over the summer. Mrs Miles will then re-issue them in September. I'd like to thank you all for your support this year, the children are all AMAZING and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them and seeing them grow in so many ways. Have a lovely summer break.  

Friday, 3 July 2015

Dosbarth Mrs Cotton Home Learning w.e. 3.7.15

This week we have been

RWInc - continuing to use the sounds we know to read words, spell words and write sentences
Maths - reinforce counting in 2s to 20 and 10s to 100
K&U - creating a bar chart showing favourite ice cream flavours

Activities to try at home

RWInc - continue with the sounds in your child's sound folder, reinforcing sounds they are unsure of.  Many children find the special friend sounds tricky when spelling words including think, wish, bell, will, fluff.  Please could you reinforce these at home.

Maths - take any opportunity to reinforce counting in 2s to 20 and 10s to 100.  Also counting on from a given number, for example count on from 7 to 15, count on from 12 to 20 instead of always starting from 1 when counting.  Also have a go at reinforcing the writing of numbers to 20 independently.  

K&U - create your own simple tally table showing information you have collected, for example think of 4 different summer sports, summer drinks or summer activities and find out who like which one the best and record on your tally table.  Have a go at creating a simple bar chart showing the results from your tally table.

We had a fantastic day at the beach today and the children's behaviour was amazing. I was very proud of you all. Thank you to all the adult helpers who came with us and made the day really special.  

Have a lovely weekend.

Year three week ending 3rd July

This week we have been learning about:

Literacy: writing fact files on the computer using word
Numeracy: budgeting and get the best value for money
Art: designing Egyptian necklaces

You can help at home by:

Literacy: Practise using the onscreen functions we looked at. Can you type some facts and change the colour, size and type of font. Have a go placing the title in the middle. Cut and paste a picture from the Internet.
Numeracy: Using the website, my supermarket, can you buy all the ingredients for a two course dinner. Choose whatever dishes you want and see if you can buy the ingredients for under £5. You may choose to buy the ingredients from different supermarkets. Have fun!
Art: have look at pictures on the Internet of ancient Egyptian necklaces. What do they have in common? What types of colours are they? What do you think they are made of? Look at the shape and design - what animals do they portray on their necklaces?
Enjoy the sun!
Mrs Schartz

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