Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dosbarth Reception Mrs Phillips Home Learning W/E 2.12.16

This week we have been learning about:


Mathematical Development-

Days of the week

Counting on and back to 20

Literacy and Language

This week we have learnt the sounds, z and ch. We are now getting to the end of the Set 1 Read Write Inc sounds. I’m aware that the children now have a lot to remember!  With Christmas activities creeping up on us now, we are taking our time to embed the letter formation and reading of words too.  

Knowledge and Understanding-

Re-capping our Welsh colour names

We have carried out an investigation this week to find out which materials are waterproof. Winnie the Pooh needed a new umbrella- we tested fabric, tissue, kitchen roll, plastic, and cardboard. Some groups will be doing this next week.

Using an app on the IPad called ‘Puppet Pals’ –the children chose characters and a setting and recorded their voice to create a story. They loved this! I’m sure it is a free app, so try it at home.

How to help your child at home-

Mathematical Development-

Use a calendar or something at home to look at the days of the week. Each day talk about what day it was yesterday and what day it is today and tomorrow. Try writing them out on some cards and asking them to put them in order.

Give them a starting number to count to 20 from or count back to 0 from. They find counting back from a number bigger than 10 tricky.

I used these games a few times this week for the children to order numbers, try some at home.

We are having a dress rehearsal on Monday 5th December, so please could you make sure your child has their costume in school. Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Year 3 Home Learning w.e. 2.12.16

This week we have been

Literacy - writing a passage using our own ideas for Leon visiting the Place Between.
Numeracy - adding 10 to 2 and 3 digit numbers and adding multiples of 10.
PE - developing rugby skills. - passing the ball.

Activities to try at home

Literacy - next week we will be writing an alternative ending to the story for Leon and the Place Between. Think of ideas of how you could change the ending. Remember to make it exciting - just ideas.

Remember to put your spellings into sentences ready for Monday.

Numeracy - have a go at adding multiples of 10 together. Think of the if you know... Then you know .... So 1 + 2 = 3 so 10+20=30 and 100+200=300. Use this and work out difference combinations of sums. Also have a go at adding multiples of ten to different 2 and 3 digit numbers. 342 + 20 = 362.

Remember to keep learning your times tables - we are getting really good at 3 and 4 times tables. Remember you can challenge yourself on Topmarks hit the button.

We have our dress rehearsal on Monday morning - can you please make sure all costumes are in school. We are looking forward to seeing you at the concerts on Wednesday 7th December at 1.30pm or Thursday 8th December at 6pm. ( children need to be back in school by 5.30pm for this performance). Thank you.

Just a remind if you haven't already please send in a glass jar with your child next week to make our Christmas decorations, thank you. Have a lovely weekend.

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Year 5 week ending 2.12.16

This week we have been learning to:

Literacy- we completed our play scripts on Varjak Paw and performed them to each other in groups. The scripts and acting showed an amazing understanding of the text. We are tantalisingly close to finishing the novel!

Numeracy - we have completed a reasoning activity about football and started to add and subtract fractions.

Science - we have made exploding hulk hands using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, the results were impressive!

Christmas - we have begun the final rehearsals for our performance of Santa's on Strike ready for next week.

Carol service - we enjoyed a traditional carol service in church followed by the Christmas fayre.

Next week:

My maths homework has been set.

This will be the culmination of all the children's hard work with their two performances. We will be having our full dress rehearsal on Monday. Please could any remaining costumes be in on Monday at the latest.

Our maths lessons will be taking on a Christmas feel and we will starting making some of our Christmas crafts.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Wedensday 7th and/or Thursday 8th for our performances.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Maunder and Mrs Peacock.

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Year 2 week ending 2/12/16

This week we have been learning:
Maths: building the two times table, reasoning activities linked with the two times table
Literacy: speaking loudly and clearly in the school play
Topic: looking at where food comes from

You can help at home by:
Maths: helping your child to learn their two times table. They need to be able to recall it rapidly. I will add some mymaths activities which will help them learn their two times table.
Literacy/ topic: Last week, only a few children wrote me and Mrs Peacock a letter telling us what they wanted to learn next term. There are five housepoints up for every letter that comes in. Our topic next term is our wonderful world. Think about which parts of the world you want to learn about, what countries and what our home corner should be!

We will start some of Christmas Craft activities next week. Could each child bring in an empty cereal box and a white sock! There are some children who still haven't brought their costumes in. Dress rehearsal is Monday!
Many thanks,
Mrs Schartz and Mrs Peacock

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Home Learning W/E 2.12.16 Year 1

This week we have been learning about-

Literacy- Report writing. Writing a recount using time connectives.

Numeracy- Collecting and analysing data.
Finding different ways of making specific amounts of money.
Finding difference between.

Humanities- Why we celebrate Christmas.

How to help your child at home-

Literacy- My RWI group can write a report about bats including what they already know. Remember to use sub-headings, the word nocturnal and try to use words- so, but, and, because, also etc to extend your sentences.

Numeracy- Can you find the difference between 10 and 5,   16 and 8,   14 and 10,   21 and 5. Remember to count back using a number line or count on from the smallest number.
can you record different ways of making 20p, 24p, 27p and 29p. ( Try to avoid using 1p). The children find this quite a challenge. For eg.- 20p= 10p+5p=2p+2p+1p
I need just a few cereal boxes so if you have any large ones, could you please bring them in. Thank you.

Enjoy the weekend.