Friday, 5 July 2019

Year 4 Home Learning- Miss Morris and Mrs Phillips W/E 5.7.19

In Maths- A short week with an INSET day and a move up day to meet Miss Powell in Year 5. We have looked at rounding numbers up and down to nearest multiple of 10. If the unit is 5 or more we say it rounds up and 4 or less down. Give the children some numbers and ask them to round. Some children will benefit from some practising saying the multiple of 10 that is either side of a number, e.g for 37 its 30 and 40.

We used our estimating skills then to help with some addition and subtraction. So we rounded first and then estimated. So for example, adding 34 and 19- round 34 to 30 and 19 to 20- add 30 and 20 is 50, easy peasy then add the original numbers 34+19, we are looking for a number close to 50.



The children could then use vertical addition or mental maths to add.

In science, we talked about the words Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We brainstormed what we understand about these terms and thought about what we can do to help in our own lives towards each one. The children made a pledge as to what they can do to reduce, reuse and recycle. We made a persuasive poster on the IPAD to inform others of the important message.

Can they bring in an item of rubbish/plastic etc for a craft activity next week. We are hoping to make old things into something new!!!

We had a lovely trip to the library this morning, the children all borrowed a book which is due back by 26th July.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Morris and Mrs Phillips

Reception Home Learning W/E 5.7.19

This week we have been learning about-
Literacy- Using our phonic knowledge to write a simple story. (So impressed).
Sounds- ay  ee  igh  ow  oo  ar  or  air  ir  ou  and oy.
Looking for clues in a text to identify whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Numeracy- Counting in 2's up to 20. Beginning to identify odd and even numbers.
Identifying shapes in Welsh.

Science- Continuing with our fact files about Space.
Planting our germinated seeds.

Creative- Using various resources to make our own Van Gogh creations.

Humanities- Looking at the history behind The Tump.

How to help your child at home-

Literacy- Perhaps look at some books at home to determine if they are story books or factual.

Numeracy- Practise counting in 2's. If you are very clever, you might be able to start at different points. For eg.- 6  8  10 etc.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend.