Monday, 13 July 2020

Monday 13th July Year 1

One of the activities we have been doing in school is looking at Newsround. On one of these days Newsround had a segment called Mental health: Five creative self-care ideas. We thought it would be brilliant if we looked at these areas for our weeks learning. You can watch the segment here:


English Journaling

We are going to create our own thought journal for the week and you may continue this further if you enjoy it. This is where we record our own thoughts using words and drawings. These thoughts can be both good and bad.

  • Bronze. Write down or draw one thought that has been on your mind that day.
  • Silver. Write down one good thought, even if it is something small, about yourself. If you are really struggling as a friend or family member.
  • Gold. Do not forget to keep track of the days in your journal. Write down the date at the top. As a rule you must always end on one good thought every day.


Topic-Self soothe box.

This week we will look at creating our own self soothe box. We all have moments when we feel down and sad. The point of a soothe box is to have a place to put lots of pick me ups. Little Knick knacks that make us feel better such as a funny photo. Before we decide on what to put into our soothe box why don’t we make a box to protect and look after our precious knick knacks and chase the blues away.  Mr Carbis likes this monster box but there are lots of options to choose from on the Youtube channel.

·         Bronze. Pick your own design for your soothe box with the help of an adult. Will yours be a monster or will you make something different?

·         Silver. Create your own soothe box with the help of an adult.

·         Gold. Can you tweak the design? Maybe you like your monster box but you want to add wings or horns? Write down what you would add or change to the design or explain why you like it just the way it is.

Maths- Challenge

We will use today as a challenge day. These challenges are adapted from and you can use Challenge 1 for an extra activity. They have not used bar modelling before.

  • Bronze. Halve my number is 12. What is my original number? Answer 24. (They could use toys/Lego to help them by laying out 12 Lego pieces and telling them this is half of my number.)
  • Silver. If half my number is 12 what is a quarter of my number? How do you know? Answer is 6
  • Gold. If half my number is 12 then what is a third. To find a third you need to split your original number into 3 equal groups and the total of one of those groups is a third. (Again this would be easier if they have something physical to represent the numbers such as pieces of Lego.)


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