Monday, 13 July 2020

Reception Home Learning 14.7.20

Reception Class Tuesday 14th July

To the Parents and children of Reception Class.

"Children must be taught how to think,

 Not what to think."

Margaret Mead


Literacy- This activity will be over 2 days.

We are not going to do Read Write Inc this week. At the end of each term in school, we try to some stand alone Literacy. This week we are going to base our learning around "The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. If you don't have the book, you can see an animated version on YouTube.


All Children-Using some flashcards with the days of the week on. Encourage your child to order them correctly. Using the F/C and the book/video, can you write a sentence about 1 day of the week? To make it easier, you could just write- On Tuesday the caterpillar eat………….

Most Children- Can you list the names of foods the caterpillar eat on Saturday?

Try to write on your own what happened next. For e.g. The caterpillar had a tummy ache. The caterpillar eat too much food.

Challenge- Write about 2 days using adjectives to describe the fruits. On Monday the caterpillar ear one red apple. On Wednesday the caterpillar eat three juicy plums.


Numeracy- Symmetrical Patterns

There are lots of symmetrical patterns in nature. Can you find any outdoors?

All Children- Create a symmetrical butterfly. You can either do this by creating a butterfly template. Then paint 1 half and fold it to create an identical symmetrical pattern.

Most Children- Create a symmetrical butterfly, but this time create an identical pattern on both sides rather than folding the paper. Make it as colourful as you like.

Challenge- Make some shapes- triangles, oval, square, rectangle, circle and oval. Can you predict which shapes are symmetrical? Then fold to see if you were right?


Topic/Creative-over the week.

Create a Hungry Caterpillar.

This is just an idea but feel free to do your own thing. Make some circles out of card or paper. Or you could use paper plates. Make sure you make a circle for the caterpillars head, the cocoon and the butterfly. Try to use different shades of green for your caterpillar. On the reverse of the caterpillar, you can draw/paint what the caterpillar eat each day. When you have finished, you can hang it in your bedroom or the garden. Remember to write the days of the week and include the caterpillar's legs.



Finding Feelings

This is an activity for 2 people

Choose a sibling or a grown-up. Sit together in a comfortable position. Take three soft, slow, mindful breaths.

One person is the speaker. The other is a listener. Speaker, notice how you feel and tell the listener. For example say, "I am feeling happy." Or, "I am feeling angry."

Describe what your feelings are like inside. Do you notice a sensation in your head, tummy or chest? Is it tight, hot, cold, jittery or achy?

The listener listens with full attention but does not talk.

The speaker takes three more soft, slow, mindful breaths and checks to see if the feelings change after telling someone about them. Does your body feel different?

Now switch roles. At the end, thank each other for listening.


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Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles



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