Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Year One: Thursday 2nd July


Big Write:  

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen 

Over the next two days we’re going to read the story, write and perform our own version of the story ‘We are Going on a Bear Hunt’ 

Read your own version of the story (if you have a copy at home), or you can listen to the version within our folder that I have recorded for you! There is also a version using the following link with the story read and performed by the author Michael Rosen: 

Create your own version of the story using onomatopoeia and same style as the story but add your own ideas and places you can visit on your bear hunt in your garden.  

Challenge: Video/ record your performance. It would be great to see some of your versions with some additional characters from your family if you have any willing actors! 

(Onomatopoeia: a word which imitates the natural sounds of a thing. It creates a sound effect that mimics the thing described, making the description more expressive and interesting e.g. squelch, squerch). 

Bronze: to sequence your own version of the story.  

Silver: To sequence your story including onomatopoeia and simple sentences.  

Gold: to include onomatopoeia throughout your version of the story 

 I’m so looking forward to seeing some of your work- I am hoping to find a way to share it with Michael Rosen himself! 


RWInc will continue to have live lessons via YouTube so they will help us keep our ‘sounds on the boil’ whilst we are at home.  These will take place daily and can be located via the following link:…  

Speed Sounds 1,  2 and 3 are now being repeated so please allow a moment at the start of the lesson to allow them to reload.  



Today we are going to focus on identification of finding a quarter (¼) and a third (1/3) of an object. Some of us are challenging ourselves to these questions in our platinum challenges on a Friday.  

We know to find a ½ we share 1 whole object/ number into two parts. Can you guess what we need to do to find ¼ of a whole object? Yes, that’s right we share it equally into four parts (halve it and halve again) and to find 1/3 we share it into 3 equal parts.  

The best way to check our understanding of identifying ½'s, ¼s and 1/3’s is practically using real life objects. Can you help prepare some lunch and give each person a quarter of a sandwich and a third of the grapes? Or take it outside and make some natural art and make a quarter/ third of it green. In our class folder there are some supplementary sheets from Big Maths to check your understanding.  

Bronze: identify halves of items 

Silver: Identify halves and quarters of objects 

Gold: Identify halves, quarters and thirds of objects.  

Upload your evidence to your Just2Easy folder. 


       Humanities & Well Being  

Important to have a healthy mind so make sure you try some yoga, do an online workout, complete the Daily Mile or go for a good walk. Important for our bodies but also our minds.  

Today we will access the Sport Wales Play to Learn Activities once again. In our class folder in Hwb you will find our story linked to this set of activities called ‘The Beach Party’.  

There you can also find an activity to carry out at the level you feel is most accessible for you. (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Today ‘Patterns and Pathways’ will help us to express ideas through a range of movements, link a series of actions together with some fluency to create a dance phrase including moments of stillness and gesture to enhance expression.  



This week we see the launch of ‘Children’s Art Week’. In 2020, Children’s Art Week will take place online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme. This week the theme is: The Natural World.  

There are lots of links that you might like to look at by following this link: here you will see information on a variety of activities that you might like to try (I quite like the sculpture in a day activity) 

Today we are going to focus on joining the Oriel Myrddin Gallery for a musical podcast (  where you can listen and respond to music inspired by the natural world. 

Take time out for a little bit of mindful drawing with a beautiful composition ‘Perlau Glaw’ inspired by the rain and played on the harp by Mared Emlyn.  

Before the podcast: You will need: • A piece of paper • Pencil or pen • Coloured pencils or pens 

You need to have a little space to work where you can get comfortable, an outside space is perfect for being inspired by nature. If you can’t get outside, try sitting near a window. Somewhere quiet would be great. Let your imagination go and draw what you feel or think about whilst listening to the music. Enjoy, relax take a moment.  


Most importantly, take care, stay safe.  


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