Sunday, 5 July 2020

Year 3 6th July

Monday 6th July 2020


High Frequency Spellings:

joint, judge, juice, junior, juggle, journal, journey, jealous, junction, jewellery.

Monday: Find the meanings of the words and use them in sentences

Tuesday: Spiral activity

Wednesday: Crossword activity

Thursday: Spellamedoodle activity

Friday: Ask someone to test you


L.O: To use comprehension skills

Please log in and use read theory today.



Warm up: x2, x3 & x4 tables

L.O: Subtracting multiple of 10

With these calculations we are just subtracting the tens column. For example:

                                         156 – 20

We don't have to look at the hundreds or units columns at all so it's basically 50 – 20 = 30

So the answer is 136


Bronze Level – Set A

Silver Level – Set B

Gold Level – Set C



Practise your incidental language using the placemat. Ask and answer questions.

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