Thursday, 9 July 2020

Reception Home Learning 10.7.20

Reception Class Friday 10th July

To the Parents and children of Reception Class. I think the weather is going to be good on the weekend, so have some fun.

"Children see magic because they look for it."

Christopher Moore



A Poem using personification.

Explain to your child that personification gives objects human qualities. (The children always love this!). Just imagine if everything in the classroom was real. So chattering pencils, sleeping computer, laughing crayons, screeching chairs, giggling books, snoring rubbers etc. Encourage your child to give you their own ideas. You can choose to use a different place if you like. If you write down your child's suggestions, so the effort is taken out of the writing to begin with. You can help your child to give suggestions too. Number each suggestion. So when your child says- chattering pencils, you can say that is number 3. Remember to use a new line for each sentence and start with the verb. So-

Chattering pencils in the pot

Snoring rubbers on the floor

Giggling books on the shelf

Encourage your child to use the words you have written down and their phonic knowledge to write the short sentences. If it is too much of a challenge to write their own sentences, then you write them down for your child to copy underneath. But encourage them to write initial sounds and high frequency words. Always read back the completed sentences.



Timing activities

All Children-  Telling the time. There are different levels, so use- read the time to the hour on an anologue clock.

Most Children-  Teaching clock. Use the 1 hour one, to read the time.

Challenge Telling the time in words. Read the time to the hour.


Topic- Over the week

Van Gogh

I am going to try and bring the sun back by studying the artist Van Gogh and in particular "The Sunflowers." Perhaps you can show your child this painting on the internet. This painting is very famous. Look at its bright yellows and the way each sunflower is painted differently. Van Gogh also lived in a yellow house. Do you like the painting? Where would you hang this painting in your house? I would hang it in my bedroom, so everyday I would wake up and see it straight away. Or maybe I would hang it in the hall, so that everyone that came to my house would see it too. Van Gogh used lots of shades of yellow. How do you think he created various shades of the same colour? Perhaps you could use a paper plate and create various shades, just like Van Gogh.  

Can you find 5 facts about Van Gogh, one each day? If the writing is too much of a challenge, perhaps you could write a simple sentence and leave space for your child to write underneath. Help your child to read aloud the sentence you have written.

There is an animated short story on YouTube- Art with Mati and Dada about Van Gogh.

Creative-over the week.

"I dream my painting and I paint my dream."

Vincent Van Gogh

Thank you for those that shared "The Kelly" by Anna Blatman. I was really impressed.

Now we are going to create Van Gogh's sunflowers. If you get a big sheet of paper- ideally A3. As we have done before, paint the paper with a colour wash (watery paint, any colour). Make sure you create the flowers on portrait. When it is dry, draw a line on the bottom third and then draw your vase. After that draw 14 random circles of different sizes all over the paper. So some are high and some are low. Then you can paint the bottom third a colour of your choice and when that is dry, paint your vase. This can be a 2 tone colour or just 1. I don't want to be too descriptive as it will be your own version. These are just some ideas. When this is dry you can begin to paint your sunflowers using various shades of yellows and orange. So you can paint the middles and then soft strokes for the petals. Children tend not to like painting the seeded sunflowers, so that is fine. You can then add soft strokes of green to create petals. Voila, I can't wat to see this.


Everything Changes

Have you ever noticed that things change every day, like the weather? Perhaps a tree has a new bud or a flower has wilted. Perhaps your class looks different. Some changes are big and some are small. You might feel happy about some changes and sad about others. That's okay.

Look around and find one thing that has stayed the same and something else that has changed.

Maybe the sunny sky of the morning is still sunny. Maybe a bird you saw outside has flown away. What do you see?

Write or tell someone how you feel about these changes.


Weekly Welsh-

If you are not sure of pronunciation, you can always check on google translation. Take it in turns with your child to say the language patterns-

Introduce- Oes llygaid……………… 'da ti ?  (Have you got………..eyes?). Don't forget to say the colour in the space.

Answer- oes/nag oes   (Yes/no).

So for e.g.-  Oes llygaid glas 'da ti? Nag oes.

Oes llygaid brown 'da ti? Oes

You could do a survey finding out from your extended family their eye/hair colour. You could do this by using a tally just like you did last week. Then input your data on Just2easy to make a graph. (Details how to do this is on last week's numeracy planning).


My email address is- if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles



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