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Reception Home Learning 12.6.20

Reception Class Friday 12th June

To the Parents and children of Reception Class. 

"Sometimes all you hear about is the hate, but there is more love in this world than you could possibly imagine."

Charlie Mackesy


This activity to complete over the week-

If you have some bottle tops, please could you write g  h  i  j  k  l  f  G  H  I  J  K  L on each top, then have a go during the week to match the small case letter to the capital letter. Explain to your child that they have a capital letter at the beginning of their name and when we write a sentence. Can you think of anyone that has one of these letters at the beginning of their name?


Can you listen to the story The Ant and the Grasshopper. You can hear this on  It's storytime with Nick. Nick does a story on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday live at But these videos are saved for you to watch at other times. This story is about friendship and has repetitive language for your child to join in with. After reading the story, can your child retell part of the story? Can you name the 4 seasons? Which season are we in now? Which minibeast do you think worked the hardest? Why? What did grasshopper like to do? What did ant like to do? What happened to grasshoppers house when it snowed? What smells could grasshopper smell as he stood outside ants house? What had ant cooked for tea? Which instrument did grasshopper play? There are lots of questions you can ask to test your child's comprehension which is a very important skill.

If your child finds it a challenge to answer some of the questions, perhaps you can replay the video and encourage them to find the answer. Then in your book perhaps you could draw a scene from the book as you think it might look. Then write a sentence- I like to skip and jump in the summer. I like to stamp on leaves in the autumn. If your child is reluctant to have a go at writing a sentence, then you scribe what your child wants to say and they copy underneath. Don't forget to encourage your child to read the sentence when it is completed.


Keep these activities on the boil-

Counting to 20 and beyond

Forming numbers correctly

Identify numbers 10-20

Doubles to 10

Addition to 10

Days of the week

Subtraction to 10

Teen numbers

Recap counting to 30 and beyond. How far can you count accurately? Correct errors. Count from different starting points.

All Children- Choose a teen number and add 1. Can you record this. For eg. 12+1=13  Can you record 6 sums?

Most Children- Teddy numbers up to 15

Challenge- Apple picking which focuses on numbers to 20. It starts off easy and gets progressively more challenging.


Topic- Over the week.

On your daily exercise can you take some paper and record some of the wild flowers that are appearing everywhere. I'm sure you even have some in your garden. There are ones that are easily identified such as dandelions and daisies. Can you sketch them and write the initial sound by the side? Perhaps you can help your child to find out their correct names? Hopefully by the end of the week you can name 10 wild flowers. Take some close up photos if you can, it will make a lovely display. 


Rooted like a tree

Stand with your feet together and your arms by your sides. Keep your eyes open.

Imagine tree roots growing from the bottoms of your feet down into the earth. Feel connected to the ground. Slowly lift one foot and press the bottom of it against the ankle of your other leg, if you can.

Clasp your hands together in front of you, with just your pointer fingers extended. Lift your clasped hands over your head.

Balance, relax into the position and smile. You are rooted like a tree.

Lower your arms and try balancing on your other foot. Do you feel any difference?

If you wobble, that's okay. Trees sway in the wind, but roots keep them balanced and steady all day.

Challenge- Try lifting your foot higher and pressing it against the inner thigh of your other leg.

Weekly Welsh- Continue with the weather. But can you keep a diary of the weather in welsh. Draw a picture to accompany you weather pattern. For e.g. Monday Mae'n wyntog and draw a picture. Next week we will learn the days of the week in Welsh.

Sut mae'n tywydd? How is the weather?

Respond by saying- Mae'n bwrw glaw. It's raining.

Mae'n heulog- sunny

Mae'n cymylog- cloudy

Mae'n braf- fine

Mae'n Stormus- stormy

Mae'n oer- cold

Mae'n wyntog- windy

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Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles

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