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Reception Home Learning 24.6.20

Reception Class Wednesday 24th June

To the Parents and children of Reception Class"

"If you want children to continue dreaming to the moon and beyond, then dream with them, both by sharing your fervent dreams, and by diving heart first into their own."

Vince Gowmon

Matching letters

This activity to complete over the week.

If you have some bottle tops, please could you write t  u  v   w  x  y  z  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z on each top, then have a go during the week to match the small case letter to the capital letter. Explain to your child that they have a capital letter at the beginning of their name and when we write a sentence. Can you think of anyone that has one of these letters at the beginning of their name?


Mrs Garbett

I am going to repeat speed set 2 sounds again as these really need to be totally embedded. The sentences I am using, are however becoming progressively harder. If you really think your child has totally embedded speed set 2 sounds, then feel free to access the daily speed set 3 sounds on Read Write Inc live lessons. Try to write sentences daily if you can.

Speed set 2 sounds are- ay  ee  igh  ow  oo oo   ar  or  air  ir  ou  oy

Sound- ee (What can you see?).

Words- tree  three  free  see

Words to read over the week- the  of  to  no   my  (HFW)

is  in  full  mud  has  got  truck  back  lost  cap  hut  left  pit  tip  tips

Sentence- Make the sentence easier if required.

Dan tips up the back of the truck. The mud is in the pit.

Mrs Evans group.

Recap previous sounds.

We then repeat speed set 2 sounds as children need to have this embedded before commencing speed set 3.

New sound- or (shut the door).

Words- store  more  horse  torn  (First 2 a little tricky).

Words to learn over the week- said  he  no   (HFW).

catch  sat  will  fish  big   yes  then  rod  and  fish  fishing  chip  chips

Sentence- He sat and he sat. No big fish.

Mrs Miles group.

We have completed set 1 special friends. I am now going to repeat the sounds below. If you feel your child is ready to move on, you can follow Mrs Evans group.

sh   th  ch  qu   ng  nk

So today our new sound is- qu

Read and write these sounds- quiz  quit

Words to learn for the week- kick  mud  jump  run  sit  in

I  of  my  the  no (HFW).

Sentence- Jump in the mud. (Please remember a capital letter at the beginning, tall, short letters, and a full stop at the end).

Don't forget the- high frequency words. Perhaps learn 3 or 4 a week and just keep recapping.

I  go  come  went  a  was  look  there  are  we  and  me  like  going  she  they  my  see  on  away  this  play  no  yes  for  can  he  am  all  you  said  to  day  there


Keep these activities on the boil-

Counting to 20 and beyond

Forming numbers correctly

Identify numbers 10-20

Doubles to 10

Addition to 10

Days of the week

Subtraction to 10. Having them grouped in 10's is helpful.

Teen numbers

Comparing and Measuring

Recap vocabulary- full, half full, nearly full, nearly empty and empty. Perhaps you can use the language of capacity as much as you can when you are giving your child a drink. For eg. Do you want a full beaker of water? Is your beaker nearly empty?

All Children- Choose about 5 different containers. They could be plastic beakers, tumblers or cups. Encourage your child to look at the containers and decide which 1 would hold the most water. Then fill them up with water, and take it in turns to pour into a measuring jug to determine which container holds the most. At this stage they don't need to read the scale as quite tricky, but they could note how far the water travels up the jug. You can start with 3 containers to begin with.

Most Children- Can you look around the house for various items that are measured in millilitres/litres? Can you draw the items and write the measurement underneath. Can you read the number? Can you remember the unit of measurement for capacity? (Measuring fluid).

Challenge- As above but when you have collected them, can you sort then into 2 groups? How you sort them is up to you. Can you then sort in another way? For e.g. Litres/millilitres, plastic/glass, drinks/toiletries, small/big. Try to encourage your child to talk about what they are doing. It's amazing the different ways they come up with.

Topic/Creative- Over the week.

(Next week we will be studying another artist, any suggestions?). 

Nature Activity.

All you will need is an empty egg box. If you like you can decorate this first in any way you wish. Then inside you can either write numbers on each egg case or dot a particular colour. Then on your walk or from the garden, collect the number and colours you have chosen. For eg, 4 yellow- could be 4 buttercups. Just make sure you check with an adult before you pick. So now you are ready to collect nature treasures. When you have collected all your treasures, can you make a simple picture? Maybe a face, an animal etc.



Finding the Pause

Breathe normally. At the end of each out-breathe, notice the short pause that happens before you breathe again. Relax your shoulders during the pause.

Breathe in again. Breathe out and find the next pause. Relax your tummy muscles during the second pause.

Breathe in. Breathe out and find the next pause. Relax your feet during the third pause.

Continue as long as you wish, relaxing your whole body a little more with each pause.

This is a helpful exercise any time you don't get your way or have to wait your turn!

Weekly Welsh-

Sing a song to the tune of- Sing a Rainbow

Lliwiau'r Enfys

Coch a melyn a phinc a glas,

Porffor ac oren a gwyrdd.

Dyma liwiau'r enfys, lliwiau'r enfys,

Lliwiau'r enfys hardd.

(Just a note- spellings are different due to welsh mutations).

Can you draw a rainbow and label the colours?

Play a colour game-





Pinc-lie on the floor














My email address is- MilesD8@hwbmail.net if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles

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