Monday, 29 June 2020

Year 4 Tuesday 30th June

Good morning to you all,

We hope the children who attended their catch-up session yesterday enjoyed it and didn't find it too strange being back!  We hope it goes well for the children attending today. 

For the days you are not in school, or for those children who aren't attending school, just carry on as much as possible with the online learning.   

Mrs Maunder is in school this week, so won't be able to answer and reply to messages/emails etc during the day. So please be patient if you need anything! Mrs Phillips will do her best to reply throughout the day. 


Maths for this week is all about interpreting data in different forms.  Whichever level you choose to do, you will need to read the information section at the top of section A (bronze) before beginning the level you choose. There is a set of answers for each day so you can mark work yourselves too. 

Tuesday- solving problems with pictograms. All your instructions are on our google classroom.



Beginning to plan some ideas for our own persuasive travel brochures based on Egypt. 



There are lots of activities for you to do this week:

Humanities – map work and hieroglyphics 

Science / Tech – making an Egyptian reed boat and model Shaduf. 

Expressive Arts – Egyptian jewellery and drawing an Egyptian scarab beetle 

Health and Well Being – unusual sporting activities 

See our google classroom for full instructions on all of these. 

Try and find time to practise weekly spellings, some reading and your Welsh work.  

Have a good day and we look forward to seeing and hearing what you have done. 

Take care,
Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips