Sunday, 28 June 2020

Year 1 Monday 29th June

I look forward to seeing those learners that are coming back. As I am sure you are aware the children are not able to replenish their water bottles in school so please make sure your child has plenty of fluid when they attend school.

Week four of the Enchanted Wood. We are going to listen/read from the 31.15 mark up to 43.30

English-Settings checklist

This week we are going to look at settings. Settings in stories are where the story takes place. It could be a lovely enchanted forest with beautiful flowers and mystery tingling through the air just like our story or it could be a baking hot sand blasted desert with a panther like cave like Aladdin. Settings are important because they give you a feel for what the story will be like. If it is a dark night, with spooky trees and howling wind then it will probably be a scary story. Likewise a bright, sunny day with the sounds of laughter will probably be a happy book. I have uploaded a settings checklist that tells us what should be used/included by authors to make exciting settings. Either using this story or a story of your choice see if your book's settings has these.

  •          Bronze. Use the checklist to tick of when the story uses the options included in the checklist.
  •          Silver. Can you give one example for each option from the story?
  •          Gold. Can you add your own setting description sentence that would fit the story?

The setting checklist is saved in the literacy folder in a settings subfolder.


Maths- counting in 5s

This week we shall look at counting in 5s and then counting in 25s. Some of these lessons will mirror last weeks. It will be useful to warm up by counting in 5s to ten, using a song to help.

  •          Bronze. Using a number square colour in the multiples of 5. Can you get all the way to 100?. (You can create a giant one outside using chalk or use this online version) Once they have done this have a go counting forwards and back from different starting points. 
  •          Silver.  Give them a chance to spot and explain patterns. They should spot that when counting in multiples of 5 the numbers end 5 or 0. They might also spot that the numbers ending in 0 are also multiples of 2.

  • Gold. Have a go at starting them at different points. You say 35, 40, 45 and they have to carry on  their own. Do this forwards and backwards. If you have drawn a giant chalk number square they can follow along by jumping to the numbers. You can make this harder by giving them less numbers, going backwards and as an extra challenge starting on incorrect numbers and they have to spot the mistake.



Topic-Map symbols

This activity will be easier if you have some examples of maps. I have uploaded a powerpoint that you may want to go through that will help explain the activities. I have created a map sub folder in the topic folder as I have a few uploads.

Maps usually contains a number of features. One of these features are map symbols that help tell us what is around by use of a picture. These are simple pictures that help show people reading the map what is nearby.

  •          Bronze. Look at a variety of maps and see examples of various map symbols. Can you guess what the map symbols would be used for. (Use google maps and for some examples)
  •          Silver. Use the map matching worksheet to see if you could match the symbols to the meaning.
  •          Gold. Can you create your own map symbol? It needs to be simple, stand out and be obvious as to watch what it shows. It could be a map symbol for their home or maybe a symbol that shows a favourite hobby that they place. 

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