Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Wednesday year 1 home learning

I understand that some people might be reluctant to use your home address as per the pen pal system. You could provide a email address if you prefer or use the school address. 

Pen pal scheme

Trellech Primary School



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Maths-Place value recap

For today we shall use this game, https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/place-value-basketball, to recap their place value understanding.

  • Bronze. Up to 29
  • Silver. Up to 99
  • Gold. If you want a challenge you could do up to 999. We have not looked at place value before and it would be useful for you to explain that the blue square grid represents the hundreds/first digit.

Topic-Pen pal questions-their favourite toy.

We shall use our new chosen pen pal to see what their favourite toy was like when they were younger. In this activity I would like you to think of some questions you could ask your new pen pal to see what their favourite toy is like. (You do not need to send this work if you do not want to, I would recommend holding onto this work until next week.)

  • Bronze. Use the work that you did to help you to pick some questions to ask your pen pal about their toy. What was your favourite toy, what does it do and what is it made from?
  • Silver. Can you come up with one question of your own to do with history of toys?
  • Gold. Can you come up with at least three questions that use different question words? Questions often start with who, what, where, when, why and how. An example could be how did the toy work, why is it your favourite ETC,
  • If you are happy to you could include an example of your work that you did so that your pen pal has an idea of what to do.

English-looking at various joining words.

We will be using the last part of the previous bitesize lesson and look at different joining words. I have uploaded a colouring sheet and word mat of different joining/connective words. Please ignore the instructions on the colouring sheet as this is intended for KS2.

  • Bronze. Use the monster joining sheet to create your own joining word monsters, selecting some from one of the joining word bank.sheets I uploaded in the joining word folder
  • Silver. Can you look up the meaning of the words using a dictionary and come up with some sentences that use these joining words.
  • Gold. Complete activity two from the BBC bitesize lesson.
  • As an extension you could read a story and have them shout join or identify the joining words in another fashion.

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