Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Year 3 June 10th

Wednesday 10th June 2020


High Frequency Spellings:

fame, famous, fantastic, favour, favourite, February, festival, flying, fourth, forward

Wednesday: Colour trace activity

Thursday: Blue vowels activity

Friday: Ask someone to test you

Commas are used for lists, pauses and to add extra information. Today we will work on commas for pauses.

A useful rule of thumb is to place commas where one makes a pause in speech. Rule of thumb: a comma indicates a pause in speech. When in doubts then, read the sentence aloud. If you pause at some place, insert a comma to mark the pause.

For example:

She was a fantastic cook, but she would never be as good as her mother.


He had a toothache, so he rang the dentist.


I like swimming, yet the pools are all closed.


L.O: I can calculate in the context of measuring mass

Please use the PowerPoint to work through. This lesson uses previous knowledge in a different context.

See Google.
For those of you having difficulty with Big Maths PowerPoint click on to the link on Google Classrooms and  then select google Slides. Once that is done select Present which is on the top right hand side. This allows you to go through a slide at a time.

Topic: Chocolate
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