Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Year 4 Thursday 4th June

Morning all,

Hope you had a good day yesterday! Bit of a change in the weather! Hope you still managed some exercise and fresh air. 

So today-

Literacy- producing information about how people can protect hedgehogs in whichever way you choose, e.g poster, leaflet, PowerPoint etc. 

Numeracy-   perimeter and area of your tanks. 

Topic – make a nature mandala, map out a miniature route from the point of view of an ant, create a branching database, 60 second challenge and becoming a wildlife detective.

 Remember these are available all week for you to complete when is easiest for you to complete.

Keep going with your times tables on TTblast, the scores are looking really good! Try and find time for a spelling activity and reading too.  

Take care, 

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips