Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Year One- Thursday 4th June


Today we will have a go at a reading activity. It is all about D-Daythis will link to our Stay at Home VE celebrations in May. D-Day  happened on June 4th 1944, so nearly a year before VE Day.  

There are 3 levels for you to access- Gold, Silver and Bronze (3 Star, 2 Star and 1 Star). Please find the resources in the Hwb Class folder, it may also be located in our J2easy Folders in word- if you would like to edit your document without the need for printing


RWInc will continue to have live lessons via YouTube so they will help us keep our 'sounds on the boil' whilst we are at home.  These will take place daily and can be located via the following link: 

Speed Sounds 1,  2 and 3 are now being repeated so please allow a moment at the start of the lesson to allow them to reload.  



Today we are going to begin to think about the first steps in multiplication. We are going to put our toys into groups. In the hwb class folder is a Powerpoint that will help you set out your toys into groups in readiness to begin to multipy Collect toys/ items from the outdoors to represent your groups that you are 'multiplying'.  

Bronze: to create groups and count the total for all the groups e.g 3 groups of 2 leaves counted         altogether is 6 leaves.  

Silver: to create groups of objects and count linked to repeated addition. e.g. 2+2+2 = 6 leaves 

Gold: to create groups of objects and begin to know that we can record 3 groups of 2 leaves as 3x2= 6 

       Humanities & Well Being  

Important to have a healthy mind so make sure you try some yoga, do an online workout, complete the Daily Mile or go for a good walk. Always crucial to fuel our body with some fresh air! 

Linked to the Satellite Mission earlier in the week. Today we will access the Sport Wales Play to Learn Activities once again. In our class folder in Hwb you will find the story linked to this set of activities called 'Planet Play'. There you can also find an activity to carry out at the level you feel is most accessible for you. (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Today 'creature chaos' will help us to develop increasing control over large body movements,  recognise and use different pieces of equipment and follow simple rules of a game.  

As this week has also seen the launch of 30DaysWild for the @wildlifetrusts....use your time to get outside and complete some random acts whilst taking care of your well-being and physical health.  

Our Eco School Wales challenge this week is to help celebrate #WalesNatureWeek #GardenWildlifeWeek with a variety of challenges! There's even a chance to win some prizes! First challenge - create your own butterfly Open hands 

Share your butterfly with us via your J2e folder, email or twitter and share with @trellechprimary and @ecoschoolswaleincluding our school name via #GardenWildlifeWeekWales 


Don't forget to share your achievements with us via your pupil folder or email.  


Most importantly, take care, stay safe,  

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