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Reception Home Learning 18.5.20

Reception Class Monday 18th May

To the Parents and children of Reception Class.

I can't believe its Monday again! Can I just say a huge thank you, thank you, thank you for working so hard with your child/children. You all have different circumstances at home and work, and it must be so challenging for each and everyone of you. But you are doing an amazing job and I'm sure I am speaking for all the teachers everywhere- we are grateful. Just remember-

"When the big things feel out of control….. Focus on what you love right under your nose."

Charlie Mackesy


Mrs Garbett's Group.

Recap previous sounds/words

Sound- or (shut the door).

Words- short, snort, sport and horse.

Words to read over the week- I, said, of, no, have (HFW). Big, chip, bag, had, chips, lots, got and lot.

 Sentence- Make the sentence easier if required.

Kim had a big bag of chips. (Remember to point out that you use a capital letter for a person's name).


Mrs Evans group.

Recap previous sounds.

We then repeat speed set 2 sounds as children need to have this embedded before commencing speed set 3.

New sound- ee (what can you see?)

Words- three, tree, sheep and sleep

Words to learn over the week- the, your (HFW). Cat  with  black  thin  fish.

Sentence- Sit with us on the big, red bus.

Mrs Miles group.

Recap previous words especially word time 6. We will start word time 7 this week. If you feel your child cannot cope with this, please repeat and start at word time 2.

Sounds to focus on- w  th  z  ch  qu  x  ng  nk

Word time 7

Read and write- blob  drip   flag

Words to learn for the week-  I  the  mat  on  sit  hat  pin  a 

Sentence- I sit on a mat

(Please remember a capital letter at the beginning, tall, short letters, and a full stop at the end).

Don't forget the- high frequency words. Perhaps learn 3 or 4 a week and just keep recapping.

I  go  come  went  a  was  look  there  are  we  and  me  like  going  she  they  my  see  on  away  this  play  no  yes  for  can  he  am  all  you  said  to  day  there



Count to 20, then count backwards from 10. (20 if you can). Shout out a number to your child in-between 5-20 and they carry on counting from that number. You can do this whilst you go for a walk.

All Children- Number Hunt. On your daily walk perhaps you could take a pen and pad to write down all the numbers you see in the environment. It could be from a car number plate, door number, sign, posters etc. Who can find the most numbers? Can you add 2 of the numbers together? Can you complete a take away sum with 2 of the numbers? If you go on a walk where you don't spot any numbers, perhaps you can find 2 birds, 3 wild flowers etc.

Most Children- Take a pen and paper and go on a number hunt around your house and garden. Draw pictures of where you have found the numbers. How many clocks do you have in your house? Are there any numbers in your bedroom?

Challenge- Choose to complete 1 of the activities above. Then when you have a collection of numbers, say about 10, can you order from smallest to biggest?

Choose 2 numbers, say 3, 8 and then find 2 numbers that go in-between these numbers? Choose 1 number and say which number comes before/after?

Choose a number and add 2?

Choose a number and take away 2?

Choose a number and see if you can share it? (A number between 2-20).



To know that the human body can move in a variety of ways.

If you have the book Funny Bones, perhaps you could read 1 of the stories.

Words to learn the meaning of- walk, crawl, run, jump, skip, hop, roll, balance, climb, hang, twirl, bend and stretch. Perhaps you could ask your child to show you each movement. Even play Simon says……… 


Make a bird feeder from an empty fruit juice or milk container.

An alternative to last week's making a bird feeder.

Can you cut rectangular pieces out of the carton so the birds can perch on the carton and peck the seeds?  (An adult will have to do this). Your child can then decorate the carton with paint, pens etc. Attach the carton with string and hang in your garden. Sit in your garden and enjoy the birds. Are their different birds that visit? Can you identify the birds? Do have any pigeons that visit? How many days does it take for the bird seed to disappear?




I am a friendly dolphin- Start on your knees and arms, toes curled under.

I swim and play- Clasp your hands.

I flip my tail up high- Push up on to your toes and press your legs straight.

I tiptoe higher- Walk your feet in toward your elbows.

Dolphins love to play as they swim, arching through the air. What makes you feel playful?

Be kind and playful when you repeat the pose and see what a difference it makes!


Weekly Welsh

Numbers- Practise counting daily. Perhaps when you are completing our maths activities, you can use some welsh numbers.

Un-  1

Dau-  2

Tri-  3

Pedwar- 4

Pump- 5

Chwech- 6

Saith- 7

Wyth- 8

Naw- 9

Deg- 10

Undeg un- 11

undeg dau- 12

My email address is- if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles


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