Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Year One- Thursday 21st May 2020

Today, if we were in school would be taking part in 'Outdoor Classroom Day'. So as part of our Home-Schooling Journey I think it's a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy what is on our doorstep! We'll go on our StayHomeStaySafe School Trip! Make sure you have a picnic to have lunch in a special spot, plenty of water and sun protection! 

We can take the opportunity to celebrate our connection to the natural world by dressing up in nature! We'll be sharing lots of ideas in the run up to the day – many ideas can be found on their Pinterest board for inspiration, but I'm sure we can think of many linked to our own environments.  

Learning opportunities- 

         Pay attention to any nature, including any bugs/ butterflies/ bees/ flowers/trees etc. You may choose to have a mini-beast hunt- look but 

         don't touch though!


        Keep a tally of how many types of flowers/ trees/ butterflies you see. Create a graph of your choice showing your findings. You are getting 

       good at recording and discussing your data! 

       Take photos of any nature you come across- showing what 'nature' means to you. You may choose to create a collage of all your favourite 

        things you have found. Can you create a collage of nature of a similar colour? 

  • Write a poem/ description of what you see, feel, hear?  

  • Make a mandala or dream catcher using twigs/ leaves/ dried petals and any art resources you have.  

  • Take some time to enjoy the peace and quiet in your surroundings and do some yoga and meditation, thinking carefully about your breathing and focusing your attention to your body.  

  • Read a book quietly in your garden, absorbing the story line and characters, the words used to describe the setting and characters and draw your favourite scene/ create a character profile/ design a front cover. 

  • Make a nature crown out of leaves, cardboard or twigs. 

  • Use a cardboard box and paints to make beautiful butterfly wings.


  • Turn yourself into your favourite animal with a simple mask. 

  • Make a nature wand, bracelet and/ or necklace


  • Create a piece of natural art e.g Using the style of Ann Goldsworthy 

  • Write about or draw the nature you can see outside your window/ in your garden. 

  • Create a nature den – add plants, use nature colours and play nature sounds. 

  • Spot animals and imitate them. 

  • Share your favourite memories of playing in nature. 

  • Play a nature-based game of 'I spy' out of your window. 

  • Make a pinwheel, open the window and find out how windy it is. 

  • Spend some time being Mindful, listen to the sounds of nature. 

  • Spot clouds and keep a journal of all the things you see in them.


  • Make a nature scrapbook – things you can hear, see, feel. 

  • Sing nature songs 

  • Make a den/ shelter 

  • Have a picnic lunch in the garden 

  • Go on a scavenger hunt 

  • Sign up to 30DaysWild 

  • Scatter some Wildflower Seeds 

  • Run free and have fun! 

There are many ideas and links to help you if you need some, but please take a breath and enjoy your surroundings, there is so much learning in our outdoor environment. 

It's a great opportunity to spend time playing outdoors in their creation on the day. Or they could dress up for their daily walk Whatever you do, share it with us via your Just2Easy folder or email and if you share on social media today, 21 May please include #PlayfulNature and us @trellechprimary of course! Enjoy your STayatHomeStaySafe School trip!

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