Monday, 11 May 2020

Tuesday year 1 homelearning

Maths-sharing and halving 1,3,5 and 9-revisiting

 In the "I Want My Hat Back" we see the trouble that's caused by not understanding sharing. Indeed it is rather difficult to share a hat between two people. We have looked at sharing numbers previously so this is a conceptual revisit. We have also looked at what makes a odd or even number. As a reminder even numbers can be shared evenly between two people and always end in a 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 whereas odd numbers always have 1 left over, a reminder of 1, and always end in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

  •  Bronze: I want you to practice sharing amounts of 1, 3, 5 and 9. Using objects such as apples, socks ETC share out these amounts between two. What do you notice? (There is always 1 spare/1 left over). Adults-introduce the term reminder when discussing the spare, there is 1 remaining or 1 reminder, as this will help prepare them for division.
  • Silver: Ask them what they could do with apples/biscuits or toys/socks etc. Show them that for some you could half the reminder (Apples and biscuits) and share but others we will have a reminder. 
  • Gold: Introduce the ½ and ÷ symbol and they write out the sums 9÷2 = 4 ½ ETC.  

 Topic-designing a product.

I would like you to design another hat for bear or rabbit, the choice is yours. Feel free to design the hat on Jit, paint or just use paper. I have placed pictures on Hwb  in topic that gives a good starting point but you might want to explore what hats are out there.

  • Bronze. Create a new hat design for bear, or an animal of your choice
  • Silver. Think what purpose the hat is supposed to have. Is it a sun hat for keeping the sun out of the animals eyes? Is it a party hat to look good? A rain hat to keep dry? Write down the purpose of your hat and make sure your hat reflects its purpose.
  • Gold. What materials would you make your hat out of and why? It can be as mundane or quirky as you like as long as long as you have a reason. So you might use wood because you want to make a boat hat that rabbit can use to visit her duck friends on the lake. You could also use wool because it is light and helps keep the head warm.

 English-planning a story

 We are going to look at creating the prequel to the story that follows the same style. A prequel tells us what happened before the book. We are going to focus on Rabbit finding the hat. First we need to plan the story. In the story we have lots of different animals that you come across and a common question that bear asks all these animals.  

  1.  Bronze: Think of some animals that Rabbit is going to meet along the way. He might have to meet different animals then bear met. You could ask your child why rabbit wouldn't of met any of the animals that bear met. (because none of them knew rabbit had the hat, apart from maybe squirrel.
  2.  Silver: What is Rabbits question that he is going to ask? Examples include:
  • Do I look good in this hat?
  • Is this your hat?  
  • What is this red thing?
  1.  Gold: Draw the animals in order and write their responses to rabbits question. You could have squirrel as the last animal


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