Monday, 18 May 2020

Year 3 Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 19th May 2020


High Frequency Spellings

decade, decide, describe, define, different, difficult, disappear, distance, distant, donation.

Tuesday: Spellamedoodle

Wednesday: Pyramid

Thursday: Colour Trace

Friday: Ask someone to test you


L.O: To write a description of a scene

Today I would like you to take a look at your surroundings. What can you see if you go out into your garden or from your window? You may be able to access a field or woods as long as you have an adult with you. Once you find somewhere that you are happy with, write about what you can see or take a photograph to help you remember what to write about later.  You can find more on Google Classrooms.



Warm up: Halving numbers

                                   3 2 4

               200 + 100      10         2

              100      50


Here I split the 300 into 200 and 100 so it was easier to halve. Half of 200 is 100 and half of 100 is 50.

Halve the following numbers:

               386                                               362

L.O: To find fractions of amounts

Remember that a fraction is an equal part of an amount.

When you want to find a ½ of an amount you split it into 2 equal parts. The same for a 1/3 into 3 equal parts, ¼ into 4 equal parts and so on.

See Google Classroom for activities.



I would like you to choose from one of the famous scientists below to write a fact file about:

Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Alexander Graham Bell

See Google Classroom for instructions.


D & T – Continue with the volcano




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