Sunday, 10 May 2020

Year Six Welsh: Week Commencing 11th May 2020

This week we are reading the book 'Dathlu' by the end of the week you should be able to achieve the Bronze, Silver or Gold Success Criteria.

 We will be learning to:  

-To use a range of strategies to understand and find information from a text  

-To show understanding of the main ideas in a text  

-To discuss birthday celebrations 


Pupils must be able to use as many reading strategies as possible to work out a majority of the text Match all pictures to text Express an opinion simply of the text Ask and answer at least 3 questions about birthday celebrations  


Pupils should be able to use as many reading strategies as possible to work out most of the text Complete nearly all the multiple choice and most of the true and false tasks correctly Express an opinion of the text giving a reason Ask and answer at least 4 questions about birthday celebrations  


Pupils could use a range of reading strategies to work out the meaning of nearly all the text Answer nearly all the questions correctly Express an opinion of the text referring to evidence read in the text 


Monday: Have a look at the book Dathlu and complete the thinking sheets (*/ **/ ***) and reading skills cards to work out as much as you can to work out what the book is about.   

Tuesday: Think about the book using the PowerPoint Pair activity and then complete the quiz.

Wednesday: Cwis Dathlu to read a sentence from the book. Find which page the sentence is on (using the question Pa dudalen?) 

When you have found the sentence, say which page it is on (yn Gymraeg e.g. tudalen chwech) and read the sentence back to youreslf or a family member. Pa dudalen Use Pa dudalen? (differentiated) to find pages in the book and read back. 


Thursday:  complete differentiated reading tasks based on the book Dathlu Group activity - birthday discussion (differentiated).  

Friday:  discuss/ write a simple paragraph how you celebrate your birthday- yn Gymraeg! 

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