Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Year 1 Wednesday 20th May

English-potion poem

Taking what you have explored using the onomatopoeia and rhyming words try and create your own potion poem. I have uploaded a document that you could use as a template and draw some inspiration from. Feel free to adapt the template to include an extra line between the ingredients. I shall give an example below:

One cup of snail slime a glistening gloop

Private potion you must not snoop.

  • Bronze: Use the 1* template to model your poem and create a title. Try to include onomatopoeia or rhyming words.
  • Silver: See if you can use both onomatopoeia and rhyming words.
  • Gold: See if you can use rhyming couplets.

Topic- Smallpox and Edward Jenner factfile-alternatively explore another significant figure.

This video contains sensitive topics that has some reflection of modern circumstances so I would suggest you watch the video first and decide whether it is appropriate for your child. If you do not deem it suitable please ignore this aspect or create a factfile of another significant individual. Perhaps you could do a Roald Dahl factfile.


  • Bronze: I would like you to create a factfile about his life using the template saved in the topic folder containing at least 3 facts.
  • Silver: Complete the rest of the fact file.
  • Gold: What else would you like to know after watching this video and factsheet? Write down one thing you would like to learn more about and do your own research.

Maths-Number sentences.

Understanding the language surrounding addition and subtraction is a difficult skill so to complete our look into addition and subtraction we are going to look into working out whether we need to add or subtract. To do this you will need to look for clues in the language used. Add, grow, plus and in addition are all words that mean addition whereas cut, take away, find the difference all mean subtraction is taking place.

Using the BBC bitesize lesson https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z7nm6v4 or addition and subtraction word problems we are going to explore addition and subtraction number sentences.

  • Bronze: Watch the video and complete the first part of activity 1 (The sheets that all have 1 star)
  • Silver: As above but the 2 starred sheets
  • Gold: As above but the 3 starred sheets
  • Extension. Complete activity 2.
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