Sunday, 17 May 2020

Year 4 Monday 18th May

Year 4 w/c 18.5.20

Wow, I can't believe that this is our last week of learning before half term, the weeks seem to have flown by.

Joy of Moving

Given the times we're currently in, we know that children are unlikely to get to have fun at their sports day this year, so as it was the International Day of Families on the 15th May, we have launched our Joy of Moving Home School Festival! This is in association with the English Football League Trust, a charity that aims to support football league clubs.  Alongside years 5 and 6, the idea is an afternoon of sporting fun and is something we will continue every Monday afternoon for the duration of the programme.  Don't worry if you don't complete it all in one day, you can continue on other days or even over half term.  Full details are on google classroom.  This is the only topic activity scheduled for Monday, the rest will be available from Tuesday.


This week Monday to Wednesday your maths will be on My Maths for you.  There are still instructions for you on google classroom and some videos to watch as well.  It is really important that you complete the my maths lesson before starting your work so that you fully understand what you need to do.


This week we are focusing on different authors and texts from a special schools programme to celebrate the Hay Festival, which should have begun today.  All the instructions, links and files that you will need for today are on google classroom.



These will be set on a Monday – learn them throughout the week and then get somebody at home to test you on a Friday. I would really like to know your scores if you want to put them on the stream for google classroom.

Welsh for the week

Using your story maps from last week and the movie Pws, we have several small activities for you.  Watch the movie again first to familiarise yourself with it, then have a go at the matching activity.  Your second job is to sequence the story using either the 1 or 2 star sheet (1 star is silver, two stars is gold today).  Finally, trying playing the power point.  You need to guess the missing words before the mouse gets into the hole!


Stay safe, look after your families and enjoy your learning!

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips

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