Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Year 2 Thursday 7th May 2020

To write a letter
Have a look at  the words to 'we will meet again.' Discuss what you think the meaning is behind these words and also how it was popular during the war. What is the purpose? Why do you think people listened to it? I want you to write a letter to a relative giving them a similar message about the Coronavirus pandemic. Tell them all about how you can't wait to see them again and why, how you have been feeling and what you have been doing. You may also like to ask them some questions about how they are feeling. You may even choose to use the same format as the song but change/ personalise the words to suit you. It would also be lovely if you could actually post or deliver them too. 

To solve problems
There is a warm up activity to complete which shouldn't take long- reading and shading the given fraction. There is then the 'Mystery of the squashed fruit.' The children have completed ones similar before so will know what to do. There are various problems/ scenarios for them to solve in order to find clues, to eventually find the culprit. I have also added on there a small prove it activity should you wish to complete this too. All activities on the Year 2 shared folder on HWB. 

To design and create a spitfire
Have a look at the different spitfires used in the war, including what they looked like, why there were used etc. Your job is to design and make your own. There is a template on the Year 2 shared folder on HWB if you want to use that, if not be as creative as you like. KS2 have been using pegs- that might be a nice way and easy to resource. You may also like to design and make a hat to wear! Be as creative as you like! 

Hopefully your preparations for your VE party/ picnic are underway or being finalised. No work will be set on Friday, apart from being events coordinator!! Enjoy yourselves and I look forward to seeing any photos. In the mean time, don't forget to make sure your bunting/ decorations/ pictures are all complete and ready as well as any menus and music. It would be lovely if you could help make/ prepare the food for your party or picnic too. 

Have a lovely long, bank holiday weekend!
Mrs. Hassall