Monday, 18 May 2020

Tuesday 19th May year 1 home learning

English-Rhyming words

When reading Roald Dahl works

You will find many word quirks

As well as a healthy dash of onomatopoeia

A lot of rhyming words appear.

 We shall look at the rhyming words that Roald Dahl has used and see if we can come up with our own rhyming words.

  •  Bronze: Play a rhyming game. One person starts and you say words back and forth until one person cannot think of a word. To help with this game I have uploaded a rhyming sheet in the George's Marvellous Medicine that you could prefill or complete as you go.
  • Silver. Go back through the poem extract from yesterday. Can you find the rhyming words and do you notice a pattern? They should notice that most of the poem is rhyming couplets like my short example above. In poetry, a couplet is a pair of lines in a verse. Typically, they rhyme and have the same meter, or rhythm.
  • Gold: Can you create your own rhyming couplets? This could be on any subject that you like. Maybe it could be your own potion ingredients such as:

Throw in a wiggly, squiggly worm.

That should make your tummy squirm.

 Topic-Safety round medicine part 2.

This is a short video on why we take medicine

This works best if you have your own medicine bottles, tablets and sweets. If you are using real medicine then an adult needs to supervise this lesson at all times. Alternatively I have uploaded a sheet called medicine dangers contained in the topic folder.

  •  Bronze. Look at pills and sweets. Discuss dangers when they look like sweets. Can you tell the difference? DO they look similar?
  • Silver: Look carefully at packets and bottles. Help the children to read them at their level. Draw attention to warnings eg 'Keep out of the reach of children'.Ask - What are the clues that show us they could be dangerous? How can we make the bottles safer
  • Gold: From just looking at the labels is it clear to you that they are dangerous? How can we make it clear to children the dangers that these medicines have? They design there own labels. These could be red to signal danger have a symbol to show it is bad or anything else. Medicine pictures contains symbols used for cleaning products as a guide.

Maths-understanding subtraction and addition using numberlines.

Building on from yesterday we will use the nrich game strike out They offer clear instructions on how to play on their website alongside some examples.

  • Bronze: The players use an adapted game where they can pick any 2 numbers they want instead of having to use the previous players total.
  • Silver: They play the original game and write down the number sums they do.
  • Gold: If you and your partner worked together can you cross out all the numbers in one game? How do you know? (Let them test this theory a few times.)

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