Sunday, 17 May 2020

Year Six Welsh- Week Commencing 18th May 2020

This week we are going thinking about what makes a good party!

Bronze:  fill in at least 4 sections of the mind map correctly ask at least 4 questions depending on role respond to at least 4 questions using short phrases use at least 1 Bocs Bendigedig word or phrase when discussing volunteer at least 1 piece of information express an opinion simply speak clearly so that people understand them use a range of words and phrases which are usually accurate 

Silver:  fill in at least 6 sections of the mind map correctly ask at least 6 questions depending on role respond to at least 6 questions depending on role use at least 2 Bocs Bendigedig words or phrases when discussing express an opinion and give a number of reasons speak clearly use an increasing number of phrases and sentences with some accuracy                                                                                              

Gold:  fill in all sections of the mind map correctly ask all questions depending on role respond to all questions depending on role agree or disagree with group members use at least 3 Bocs Bendigedig words or phrases when discussing speak clearly and quite fluently when speaking, ideas flow from one to another sensibly most of the time express opinions and give reasons to explain ideas use a variety of phrases, sentence patterns and verb forms e.g. questions, positive and negative sentences, conditional tense which are correct on the whole

Monday: Snowball activity - What makes a good party? Using a piece of paper, think of the type of questions they would ask someone when discussing a party e.g. Pa fath o barti wyt ti eisiau?

Ble wyt ti eisiau'r parti?

Pryd wyt ti eisiau'r parti?

Faint o'r gloch wyt ti eisiau'r parti?

Beth wyt ti eisiau fwyta / yfed / wneud?

Pwy wyt ti eisiau yn y parti? or for GOLD use-  Ble hoffet ti / Beth hoffet ti fwyta? / Beth hoffet ti yfed? / Beth hoffet ti wisgo? etc.

Also think of how to respond to these questions

e.g. Dw i eisiau … or Hoffwn i…

Tuesday: Revise the  key patterns so that you are confident in asking and answering these questions independently

e.g. Mexican wave, ping pong, pop up, pass the pencil, actions and flash cards for different responses Gwenyn Gweithgar (Busy Bees) quick challenges for the class. Any simple way for you to become more confident in recalling the key vocabulary- although harder to play ping etc whilst you are at home!


Wednesday : Think about your ideal party using party mind map or plan their own using a mind map. Use Cerdyn siarad 41 and Cerdyn Help to help with the discussion. See differentiated model discussions attached.


Thursday: Think about your ideas and share them with someone in your home other to agree / disagree with your ideas until you come up with your households ideal party in the form of a large mind map.


Friday: Use the selection  of words on the Polyn Patrwm. Read the words and then rearrange the words to create different sentences

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