Monday, 4 May 2020

Year 2 Tuesday 5th May 2020

I hope your plans are starting to come along nicely in readiness for your party on Friday! It would be lovely to see some photos of any of your celebrations. 

To create an invitation for your VE party 
Think about the purpose of an invitation? What is it for? What sort of information is needed? Date/ time/ place/ special requests/ information about what is happening/ what will be there perhaps! Design and make an invitation for your VE party. Try to encourage people to want to go- make it sound exciting and interesting. What delicious treats will there be, any fun games etc. Make it bold and eye-catching, make sure you decorate it. You can use whatever medium you wish to do so. Perhaps you could make a few different ones to give to each member of your house! 

To use ratios in cooking
Explain that food was rationed during the war and only certain amounts of food were available. Talk to your child about the types of food available/ rationed and see which foods they would miss.
We have completed these activities in school, so the children should have some understanding of this. You may need to start off easier and work your way up if need be. On the Year 2 shared folder on HWB there are some wartime recipes. Have a look through them, some of them tell you how many people that recipe will serve. Work out how the amount of ingredients you will need if you were to change the serving to a different number of people. e.g. if it says serves 4 people, how much of each ingredient would you need to serve 8 people? 2 people? etc. I would focus on these recipes below. You might even decide to have a go at making some of them! Write out the new ingredients needed for the servings below in each activity challenge. 

Pear crumble- serves 4
Spam hash- serves 1
Pumpkin soup- 8 bowls

Pear crumble- serves 2 and serves 8
Spam has- serves 2 

Pear crumble- serves 2 and serves 8
Spam has- serves 2 and serves 4
Pumpkin soup- serves 18 and serves 4

Pear crumble- serves 8, serves 16 and serves 20
Spam hash- serves 10
Pumpkin soup- serves 24 and serves 2

To locate and understand the countries involved in the war
The children should have some understanding of the war and VE Day from yesterday's lesson. Today they are going to have a look at the countries called 'allies'  'axis'  'axis controlled'  and 'neutral.'  Explain what each of these mean. If you feel your child only needs to know 'allies' and 'axis' then that is fine. On the Year 2 shared folder on HWB is a document with some websites that can explain this if need be. Using the map and 4 different colours, they are to look at the list of the countries, locate them on the map and colour them in according to their key. This will allow them to see the break up/ formation of the countries during the war. The resources for the maps and countries are on the Year 2 shared folder on HWB.

Bronze- you may only choose 2-3 countries from allies and axis
Silver- you may decide to do all of the allies and axis countries
Gold- you may wish to complete the whole activity including the neutral and axis controlled. 

You may also wish to start looking at the different music around during the war and any form of entertainment/ dances that would have taken place. You may like to include these in your celebrations on Friday! 

Happy planning!
Mrs. Hassall