Monday, 4 May 2020

Reception Home Learning 5.5.20

Reception Class Tuesday 5th May

To the Parents and children of Reception Class.

 "The greatest illusion," said the mole, "is that life should be perfect."

Charlie Mackesy

Don't forget there is Storytime every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Nick at 2pm. This is on the RWI site.


Mrs Garbett's Group.

We have now completed all of speed set 2 sounds. However it is too soon to progress to speed set 3. So we will repeat speed set 2 with some additional writing.

Recap words with th, ch, sh, qu, ng and nk

Sound- ay (May I play?).

Words- may, tray, play and say.

Sentence- I will catch a big fish. (Make the sentence easier if required).

Words to read- catch, sat, will, fish, chips.

Mrs Evans group.

Recap previous sounds.

New sound- ar (start the car)

Words- car, start, part and cart

Sentence- Can I have a car?

Mrs Miles group.

Recap previous words.

Word time 6 is quite tricky as some words have more than 3 letters.

New words- quit, fix and bang. Don't forget to identify special friends.

Read the words above and then write them down.

Don't forget the- high frequency words. Perhaps learn 3 or 4 a week and just keep recapping.

I  go  come  went  a  was  look  there  are  we  and  me  like  going  she  they  my  see  on  away  this  play  no  yes  for  can he  am  all  you  said  to  day  there



Recap the names of shapes. What is the difference between a square and a rectangle? Play the feely box game. (See yesterday's planning).

All Children- Draw/paint a shape picture.

Most Children- Find some shapes. For e.g.-picture frame, book, serviette etc. and sort them by sides. 4 sides and more, less than 4 sides. Which shape have you collected the most?

Challenge- Encourage your child to choose a shape and tell you about this shape. For e.g. This shape is a rectangle as it has 2 short sides, 2 long sides, it has 4 points and we use it on our table. (Table cloth).


Rationing food during the war.

A typical ration for 1 adult was 50g of butter, 50g cheese, tea 50g and 3 pints of milk. (There was a bit more but the numbers were too big). Can you support your child to weigh some of the ingredients and look carefully at the scales? Maybe make some cakes ready for a garden party on Friday.


Continue from yesterday. I would love to see your finished creations.

Make a hat to wear on VE Day out of newspaper. See instructions on    



Bees hum their day's away, visiting flowers and making honey. As you hum, think of what makes you happy!

Wherever you are-----walking, working, playing or resting, breathe in fully and as you breathe out, hum like a bee.

Make sure your face and lips are soft so you can feel the vibration.

Repeat for as long as you like and experiment humming from high to low, notice the differences.


Weekly Welsh

Following on from last week-Think about the foods you would like to eat to celebrate VE Day.

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi? (What would you like?).

Answer dw i'n hoffi……… (I like….)

Make a list of the foods. Draw them and write the names of food. Try to use initial sounds or part of the word. 

My email address is- if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles


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