Monday, 4 May 2020

Tuesday year 1 homelearning

Topic-exploring the different types of plate movement.


Bronze. Try to recreate the 3 main types of plate movement. You can use shaving foam or custard to be the mantle/magma and biscuits to be the plate tectonics. gives a very simple video demonstration. Note it might be easier to use clay/playdough to demonstrate how collision creates mountains.

Silver. Use this interactive activity to explore which areas have different types of movement Can you find 1 example of each and what happens in this area?

Gold. There is 1 other type of plate tectonic movement that I did not mention. Can you find out what that is and what happens when this occurs


Maths Counting in 5s continued.


We will be using this BBC bitesize activity. To do some counting in 5 problems.


Bronze. Complete activity 1, counting in 5s practically.

Silver.  Complete activity 2. Watching the videos will help and you can remind them that there are 5 balls in a tube so they have 7 groups of 5...They could use practical objects to help.

Gold. Introduce them to tally charts and they can use tallying to help count and keep track of activity 1.


English-Positional words.


Roald Dahl would often have a "story map" to help him picture where everything takes place in his story. Once he had this picture in his head he found it easier to create an exciting story. We are going to work backwards. We are going to try and extract all the positional words we can find In a section of Fantastic Mr Fox and see if we can create a map of what that world would look like. A positional word is a word like under or above that tells us where something is located. We will also need to include nouns of notable places. So hole, fence, waterfall would be words that will help us draw a map.



Bronze. Read through the extract and find as many positional words as you can. Alternatively have someone else read the extract and you identify the word. Also include any place names or objects like tree or house. (Extract is saved in Hwb classroom as Fantastic Mr Fox extract in literacy folder.)

Silver. Using those words try to create a map that would show you what the area looks like. Where would the hole and the hill be? Where would the chicken houses be? ETC (I have uploaded MR Carbis's positional words to help give you an idea)

Gold. Have a go at creating your own story map and coming up with a story that would fit into this map. (Think of a setting first like a magic wood, castle or dark cave to help)